How Hyundai manual transmission with no clutch works


Wait a minute, manual transmission with no clutch? Yes, it really sounds crazy right? Sounds impossible right? But in the automotive world, Hyundai has done it and recently we had news from the Korean automaker, where they said that the new Hyundai n models will retain the model gearbox

Surprisingly they dropped a big surprise for their fans saying that the latest models will be manual transmission where they will have a gear lever but no clutch. That’s shocking right?.

We all asking ourselves how does it work?. First of all, Hyundai said that this is an intelligent manual transmission system to be fitted in their new models. This system will be having a two-pedal 6-speed manual transmission that will also be paired by a one-litre TGDI gas engine.

This system is said to be made of a gear lever that has a sensor, a hydraulic actuator plus a transmission control unit.

Here now comes the action part, when in action it is said that the intention sensor of the gear lever sends signals to the transmission control unit which senses the action of changing gears. Another signal is sent from the control unit to the hydraulic actuator where the clutch is engaged and disengaged due to pressure built-in through the slave cylinder without any input from the driver.

I feel like it’s really simple as that. All we need is to wait and see what this system brings on the road we hope it brings nothing but the best.



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