Things you need to know about the Madagascar special

Finally, we all can admit that for real this news was great when the amazon website updated about the Madagascar special release...

A few notable things about the 2021 BMW i4

I noted a few things about the 2021 BMW i4 .when i was watching a video on the super car Blondie about...

The all-electric Porsche Macan first look

Recently I saw some photos of a Porsche macan. It just looked just like an ordinary macan in this spy shots. But...

The most luxurious Mercedes Benz model

First of all, if you have ever seen this machine I know its mind-blowing. When it passes next to you of course...

Why a lot of people prefer Toyota cars

Durability: Did you know that 80 percent of Toyota's sold in the last 20 years are still on the road? That kind...

New 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost cool features

The new ghost is the latest version of Rolls Royce four dour luxury cars. Shockingly, it’s the talk of the town since...

Why the Ford ranger wildtrak is the dual-cab you need

 Dual cab pick-up trucks are really good for business and in the world we living today they have become a big deal....

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“The jeep gladiator ain’t pretty,” the design boss says

Recently the jeeps design boss says said something that really left many in shock. It was about the jeep gladiator that he...

Disappointed G-Class Owner shocks many

How far are you willing to go to voice out your frustrations against a car? Social media rant? Dealership protest? A video rant? For a young Russian vlogger, he needed 1,000 feet (300 meters) for his Mercedes-Benz. And it wasn't just any Merc; the car was a Mercedes-AMG G63, dropped from a helicopter and onto a snowy ground. The allegedly frustrated SUV owner was Igor Moroz – a vlogger who specializes in pranks.

Amazing features of the 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E63

It’s not long since Mercedes Benz revealed the latest e63s both the sedan and the wagon versions of the e63 linage.

Powerful Off-Road Vehicles to buy in 2020

Land Rover Defender I have always loved this machine and many of us while talking about if we talk...

Thoughts on the land rover defender 110 pick up truck?

Recently the land rover company confirmed the new defender dual pickup me this pickup is on fire its looks like the...

long awaited two-door Range Rover is finally here.

long awaited two-door Range Rover that you wished for has finally arrived. yes this is the Niels van Roij Design the coachbuilt Adventum Coupe...


Ford Everest is stunning in an f-150 raptor bodywork?

Ever wondered how the ford Everest would look in a ford f-150 raptor bodywork? .Yes, and surprisingly it looks stunning based on...

Did you know the BMW Logo Has Changed?….

BMW unveiled its new i4 sedan concept - a preview of the company's latest attempt to make a splash in the battery-electric vehicle segment...

New Nissan GTR R35 final edition is a beast.

Yes, you read that right, its a surprise to all car enthusiasts who love the Nissan GTR. According to reports, a new...

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