To be realistic, when it comes to the looks of the land rover defender v8 its really awesome and lovable. But in this new defender there are features that are recognizable. This new defender has a quad exhaust framework and can also be noticed by its big wheels not even forgetting its low ride tallness.

When it comes to under the hood this is where the rivalry comes in with the likes of Mercedes Benz amg g63. The puma defender is said to use a 4.4 litre v8 engine. Did you know that this particular engine is also used to power other bigger machines such as the bmw x5 and the m8?. Yes for sure it does.

From various sources the land rover defender v8 engine is said that we can’t expect it to smash a lot of power like the full svo cars such as the range rover sport SVR. Where its engine powers out 567 BHP but we still hope the engine makers will tune it to at least 500BHP.

The jaguar defender engine is also said to be paired  with an 8 speed automatic gearbox to bring it at par with the AMG G63.the amg g63 has a 4.0 litre twin turbocharged engine that powers out a stunning 577BHP which to be realistic its more than that of the puma land rover defender v8.

What’s the price of this car?. Its price is already estimated to start over 100000 euros. That’s not really cheap right?. What do you think?


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