BMW M3 Touring 2024 Review, prices and specs

The 2024 BMW M3 Touring demonstrates BMW’s commitment to developing a high-performance wagon without sacrificing usability. The M3 Touring is set to become a future classic, thanks to its compelling design, opulent and technologically advanced interior, cutting-edge safety features, and exciting driving characteristics. Competing with the Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Audi RS4, the M3 Touring promises an exciting driving experience. If you’re looking for a high-performance wagon that defies convention, the 2024 BMW M3 Touring is a solid contender.

Exterior Design

The first thing that strikes you about the 2024 M3 Touring is its captivating exterior design. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, including the striking Frozen Black and intriguing Purple, this wagon commands attention wherever it goes. Despite being slightly heavier than its sedan counterpart, the M3 Touring’s muscular stance and aggressive lines exude a sense of athleticism and dynamism.

At the front, the signature BMW kidney grille takes centre stage, flanked by laser LED headlights and carbon ducting for enhanced aerodynamics. The M3 Competition badge proudly announces its performance credentials, while functional vents and aggressive styling cues hint at the car’s track-ready capabilities. Moving to the side, 19-inch alloy wheels and low-profile tyres ensure both style and performance, while the rear features imposing quad exhaust pipes and a distinctive Gurney flap for added downforce.

BMW M3 Touring Interior

Step inside the M3 Touring, and you’re greeted by a cockpit that blends performance-focused design with luxurious comfort. Carbon fibre accents, Alcantara upholstery, and M-specific touches create a sporty and refined ambience. 

Comfort is paramount in the M3 Touring, with electrically adjustable seats, dual-zone climate control, and a host of driver-assist features ensuring an enjoyable driving experience. Despite its performance-oriented nature, this wagon doesn’t compromise on practicality, offering ample cargo space and convenient storage solutions throughout the cabin.

Infotainment and connectivity

The M3 comes with the latest BMW iDrive 8 infotainment system an upgrade from the previous iDrive 7. The home screen provides a user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation between widgets. The flexibility to add, remove, and rearrange widgets enhances the personalization of your dashboard.

bmw m3 touring

Connectivity is a standout feature, exemplified by real-time weather updates, displaying current conditions, precipitation levels, and temperature. The system’s versatility ensures a seamless and informative experience. Voice recognition capabilities have also undergone significant improvements, enabling users to execute a myriad of commands. Whether utilizing the phone pad or not, you can effortlessly communicate instructions to the car.

Exploring the radio options, the vehicle offers a range of choices, including AM, FM, and DAB digital radio, channelled through a stellar 16-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. The audio quality is exemplary, contributing to an immersive in-car entertainment experience.

Moreover, the inclusion of smartphone mirroring, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, adds another layer of convenience. Notably, both features operate wirelessly, ensuring a hassle-free integration experience. Apple CarPlay provides a full-screen interface with high-resolution visuals, while Android Auto exhibits a similarly seamless and high-resolution performance.

BMW M3 Touring Practicality

In terms of practical aspects of the vehicle, starting with connectivity. You’ll find a USB-A outlet and a 12-volt outlet here, with a USBC port located in the centre console. There’s also a wireless phone charger conveniently positioned for storing your phone. It’s versatile—you can place your phone on the charger or pop it into the cup holders if needed. Speaking of cup holders, they’re quite functional. I tested them out with a coffee this morning, and everything stayed securely in place, thanks to the grippy teeth inside. Even a water bottle fits snugly in one of the holders, although larger bottles might need to go in the side compartment.

  • bmw m3 touring
  • bmw m3 touring
  • bmw m3 touring

Additionally, there are plenty of other storage options available. A small compartment next to the driver’s knee is perfect for keys and loose change. The centre console offers reasonable space, and there’s a glove box down below, although it’s on the smaller side.

BMW M3 Touring Comfort

Moving on to comfort, the car features dual-zone automatic climate control, but navigating through the menu for adjustments can be a bit fiddly. However, once set up, it provides a comfortable environment. The seats, while firm, are visually stunning with perforations for ventilation and touches of Alcantara. They offer various electric adjustments, including lumbar support, and the driver benefits from memory settings. The steering wheel adjusts manually for tilt and reach, although reaching the edges of the screen may require a slight lean.

  • bmw m3 touring
  • bmw m3 touring

In the second row, space is a bit tight, especially for taller passengers, but it’s manageable for shorter trips. Despite the limited legroom, there’s adequate headroom and toe room. Climate control vents, USB-C outlets, and a centre armrest with cup holders enhance passenger comfort. Additionally, there are ISOFIX points and top tether points for child seats.

Cargo Space

Cargo capacity is decent, with 500 litres of space behind the powered tailgate. While it may not match the capacity of an SUV, it’s sufficient for everyday use. Storage compartments under the cargo floor and grippy sections help keep items organized, especially during spirited drives. Folding down the second row expands the cargo area to over 1500 litres, providing more versatility when needed.

bmw m3 touring

Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood, the 2024 BMW M3 Touring packs a punch with its 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine, delivering 375 kilowatts of power and 650-newton meters of torque. Paired with BMW’s advanced all-wheel-drive system and an 8-speed automatic transmission, this wagon offers blistering acceleration and precise handling in any driving conditions.

bmw m3 touring

But it’s not just about straight-line speed—the M3 Touring shines when the road gets twisty. Adaptive damping and customizable driving modes allow you to tailor the car’s performance to your liking, whether you’re tackling a mountain pass or cruising through city streets. From its lightning-quick gear shifts to its reassuringly sharp brakes, every aspect of the M3 Touring’s performance is finely tuned to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Safety and Technology

When it comes to safety, the 2024 BMW M3 Touring leaves no stone unturned. Autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, and a comprehensive suite of driver-assist features ensure you’re always protected on the road. The latest in connectivity and infotainment technology keeps you informed and entertained, while advanced features like smartphone mirroring and voice recognition add convenience to your driving experience.

2024 BMW M3 Touring Price

In terms of Pricing the 2024 BMW M3 Touring price starts at $160,000 and can rise to $180,000 depending on the features selected. The M3 Touring is only available in one trim level: Competition M xDrive, which includes all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.


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