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2021 BMW M4 sports car turned into a camper car


Yes, we’ve seen a lot of cars turned in to camper cars right? But, for this is one thing we didn’t see it coming or even ever thought it would ever happen. For real, the 2021 BMW m4 is one of the hottest sports cars today. shockingly, while other automotive artists are thinking more about tweaking the M4 tall grille. Brad builds have really thought otherwise by starting it from the rear end. Surprisingly, they came up with a single camper that every car enthusiast never thought would happen to such a hot BMW car.

Brad builds incorporated everything about this single bed camper very well. A number of features have been fitted making your outdoor adventure cooler and fancier. Inside you will also find a kitchenette and also the camper is fitted with a pair of solar panels. All this is the very essentials you need to make your survival in nature work out well for you.

One thing that will put you off about it, it has no space for your wife or even kids. That sucks right? But, none of us would mind camping in this 2021 BMW M4 sports car despite being alone maybe that’s the happiness about it.

Apart from the camper stuff, the suspension lift also makes the whole project make sense. The M4 has been fitted with off-road tires fixed tight inside the sporty fenders. Apparently, this is illegal in many parts of the world. Did you know?. The safari theme in this 2021 BMW m4 is a thing we see after a couple of years when few brands have created lifted sports cars. A couple of years back Audi created a lifted Audi TT safari and Renault with the alpine A110 that has winter adventure vehicles built with a ski rack.

  • 2021 BMW M4
  • 2021 BMW M4
  • 2021 BMW M4

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