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Would you get a used 1994 Toyota supra MK4 for $175000?


Yes, it’s a 1994 Toyota supra mk4 at a price tag of $175000. Despite the Toyota supra being popular and adorable over the years, would you pay that money to get a used one?. Surprisingly, this is the highest price tag we’ve ever seen for a supra.

Listed in the current eBay listings, very few details have been stated about this Toyota supra mk4. Also, we found that there are no clear figures on how many miles the supercar has covered. in the listing, a comprehensive history of the twin-turbo has been provided. but what sucks about it is on the mileage figures.

It is said to have covered only 1k miles on the headline. But on the item specifications, the odometer is listed to have 10400 miles which are kind of confusing but maybe the headline is to attract a lot of supra lovers. Unless the BMW powered Toyota supra with a six-speed automatic transmission, this supercar has a six-speed manual transmission.

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Despite having a hefty price tag and a no clear mileage figures, it’s clear that this masterpiece has been well maintained. On the exterior, the white paint looks super awesome and seems that no major modifications have been made. Inside, everything else seems to be in perfect conditions only a few cracks and creases on the black leather seats. That’s a minor issue it can’t stop you from getting the Japanese icon right?. It has also new tires that are said to be fitted in February after being serviced by a Toyota dealership back in January.

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