Wow, did you know that Jose Mourinho is now using an Audi Q8?.it came to my surprise when I saw some news stating that the Tottenham head coach took delivery of an Audi q8 coupe SUV to the clubs training center after Audi announced him as the Audi brand ambassador

“it is a great honor to become an Audi ambassador. It is such a luxury brand with a good reputation for quality, tech and also safety all over the world”. Mourinho said.

As we know Audi uk has been Tottenham’s great partners. Where he also said that he is looking forward to work with this premium car brand

Apart from this let’s see how amazing the Tottenham bosses car is, Surprisingly, every Audi q8 has a turbocharged 3-liter v6 engine that powers a massive 335 horses and 369 nm of torque. Also, it has a pair of 8-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive.

What else you don’t know about Audi q8 it has a 48 volt hybrid assist system that helps the start- stop operation to provide a smooth and quiet experience.


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