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Why EU banned Rolls Royce’s illuminated spirit of ecstasy


Yes, you read the right thing above.  If you are a Rolls Royce lover the spirit of ecstasy badge is one cool thing about Rolls Royce you know. A badge, that represents a flying lady also known as the spirit of ecstasy mascot. She is one of the famous ladies women in the automotive industry where shockingly she isn’t even a real person. Surprisingly, she has been sitting on the Rolls Royce’s hood for more than 100 years. We’ve seen the Rolls Royce flying lady appear in different colours such as solid gold and silver. Luckily, back in 2013, an illuminated spirit of ecstasy badge was introduced by the automaker.

Recently, the European Union considered this impressive illuminated ornament illegal. This news really shocked a lot of European owners of Rolls Royce cars with the illuminated version hood badge on their rolls models. But why did the European Union declare this impressive rolls hood ornament illegal? From the reports, the EU said that this illuminated flying lady does not comply with the light pollution regulations. Unfortunately, the illuminated hood ornament has to be removed since it causes light pollution.

Luckily, the owners who are live outside of the European Union are not affected by these rules and regulations. They will still enjoy having the extra dollar hood ornament. The Rolls Royce’s illuminated spirit of ecstasy badge has been very popular since its introduction. It costs around 4565$ to have the illuminated option sit on your Rolls Royce hood. That’s really much if you can afford to get the car right?.

According to Rolls Royce, this option is no longer available to customers anymore. Back in 2019 is when the carmaker has a decision to withdraw it from the market due to early EU regulations regarding light pollution. Unfortunately, any customer who has the light-up flying lady will have to get it removed by a Rolls Royce dealer. A refund will be made to them and the illuminated hood ornament will be replaced by a silver-plated spirit of ecstasy.

For instance, what happens if you don’t get the illuminated flying lady to get replaced?. Sadly, this hasn’t been made clear by the carmaker.

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