When will be the next Grand Tour episode?


The grand tour is one most popular car TV show on amazon prime videos that has a lot of fans worldwide.

Recently, a lot of its fans have been asking about when the next episode of the grand tour is coming. We no longer have to ask this question because Jeremy Clarkson has finally give us a heads up about when it’s coming.

In a recent interview with drive tribe, the Madagascar special edition of the grand tour will be set of to amazon in less than a forty night but they can’t really be sure when it will be shown to people.

To be more precise, amazon never tells anyone when they will put the show on screen until everything is done so they can be sure.

‘’If you want to know when the next part is coming, ask amazon not us’’ Jeremy Clarkson added.

As grand tour fans we can’t really wait to see what they have in store for us in the Madagascar special. So do you want to be notified on updates about the grand tour subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to receive news in your inbox.

source Drive tribe


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