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What’s on the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class steering wheel?

The new steering wheel for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be accessible in three forms: Sport, Luxury and Supersport.sounds really cool how Hans-Peter Wunderlich, innovative chief for inside structure at Mercedes-Benz, said that the new tiller is “the most excellent steering wheel they have ever manufactured”.

Marcus Fiege also stated earlier that the sensors on the front and back of the edge register whether the directing wheel is being held. No, all the more directing development is required to flag the help frameworks that the vehicle is levelled out. The touch control catches sited in the spokes, in the meantime, presently likewise work with advanced signs, with the working standard having changed from optical to capacitive. This, says Mercedes, decreases the “mechanical working surfaces to a most extreme”.

The consistent control boards are isolated into a few practical regions and are “exactly coordinated flush with the spokes”. Similarly, as with a cell phone, contacts are recorded and assessed by means of capacitive sensor innovation, which Benz says empowers “instinctive activity through swiping motions and squeezing of recognizable images”.Mercedes-Benz claims the “great materials have been chosen so that activity is conceivable even in an inside warmed up by daylight”, with the framework consequently perceiving “where the finger is at some random second”.

“The extents of the airbag, spokes and edge are totally agreeable. The airbag isn’t hidden, however, arranged as a complimenting circle,” Wunderlich said.


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