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VW Golf R to use inline-four turbo engine


Let’s talk about the next VW Golf R. But what’s boring about it is it will just use the inline-four turbo engine that was  powered by its predecessor, with an output in the region of 330bhp. Recent spy shots show that it won’t even look that distinct from the old one.

However, it could have been a very different beast. Citing an insider source, Dutch publication Autovise reports that VW originally wanted to stick the 395bhp 2.5-litre inline-five engine of Audi under the bonnet. Its sister brand, however, wasn’t what you’d call keen.

Audi refused to allow it, and quite strongly, from the sounds of it. The reason being the Golf R is, the source said, already a competitor to the products of Audi Sport – giving it the same engine as the RS3 would create too strong a rival within VW Group’s ranks. As it stands, the next R has the potential to steal away customers of the incoming S3, but that’s been the case with the last few generations of each car anyway

Audi is more than happy for the engine to go elsewhere, with Donkervoort and KTM both using the 2.5-litre unit in low-volume sports cars and racing cars. “That doesn’t bite us. It is also good for the Audi image,” Autovise’s man on the inside noted (translated).

The inline-four-powered Golf R should be revealed later in 2020, completing the fast Golf line-up – already, we’ve had the GTD, GTE and GTI. Which of the four would it be for you?
Source: Autovise va Motor1
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