Recently the jeeps design boss says said something that really left many in shock. It was about the jeep gladiator that he thinks that it is not pretty. First of all who really wants a cute jeep? Not many who think about the jeeps look for me it is super cool as it is.

In an interview with cars guide the design boss stated that the jeep looks really odd when you stare in its profile. I don’t know how this would make it look but he also added that he thought that having a convertible pick up would be dumb. but now it’s his favourite feature saying that the gladiators aren’t pretty but cool.

When it comes to the jeep gladiator this pick-up truck really gives a superb experience when it comes to off-road and on the road too. It is also outstanding it doesn’t look like any other pick-up truck, for example, the ford ranger and the Toyotas pick-up trucks.

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