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Popular SUVs That Are Useless Off-Road


Mercedes GLS 63 AMG

I love the Mercedes Benz GLS because of its shape and look first. But what is not cool with this car is its not a good off-roader but it performs very well on road. But my question is why is it poor when it comes to off-road whereas it has a powerful V8 5.5-litre turbocharged engine that delivers a whopping 577 hp?. The answer is usually that, it is just too heavy and bulky for Off-Road.

Land Rover Discovery

From time to time I have seen a lot of car reviewers consider this car as very unreliable. It is usually said that this vehicle has a lot of problems I wonder if the carmakers ever consider people’s opinions when building cars. Now it’s still unfortunate that the machine is a poor off-roader it is said to perform worse when it comes to rugged terrain.

Range Rover Evoque

Yes, the range rover Evoque is a luxury SUV but a lot of people really say it’s not meant for off-road yes it looks super cool built with a sleek body and a convertible top. For me, it is only meant for impressing people and performs really well on-road

Audi SQ5

Audi is really famous when it comes to tech in their machines.  Here comes their SUV the  SQ5 is a high-speed cruiser equipped with many luxury features. But one of the failures in this car is when it comes to off-road where it poorly performs

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