Paul Walker’s BMW M3 E30 on sale, of course, we all know the late Paul Walker, known from the acting side of him and his car collections.
Recently an ad popped up on eBay listing one of his cars to be precise it’s a BMW m3 E30. This is considered as the iconic bimmer based on its aspects. Many of its cars in his car collections were auctioned in January this year.

This BMW looks pretty awesome and clean. It is also said to have covered just 13,248 miles. which I think it’s pretty new considering other second-hand cars sold usually have gone a bigger mileage than this right?.
The seller claims that all the body panels and paint are original. only the headlights have been upgraded for Euro-spec units. The original 15-inch wheels swapped for the 16-inches from an M3 Evo.

The price of the car in the listing says the car is worth $150,000 (around £121,000), which I believe it’s pretty good and fair.

Paul Walker’s BMW M3
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