Ever wondered how the ford Everest would look in a ford f-150 raptor bodywork? .Yes, and surprisingly it looks stunning based on the photos we have seen. The Ford Everest has received the f-150 wide bodywork by a company based in Thailand transforming the new generation Everest to a more beautiful and likeable masterpiece.

This company is based in Bangkok and it has been previously been known of its work in making the ford ranger look exactly like the f-150 raptor. Where it’s amazing how the ford ranger kit can fit in this new generation ford Everest.

From the images, we have seen it shows that the package that has helped its transformation has a lot of amazing stuff borrowed from the ford f-150 bodywork. First of all the package contains oversized fenders, a new bonnet, and the beautiful revised bold grille. We also have big alloy off-road rubber wheels and the fox suspension. Additionally, we can’t forget the new headlamps a revised bumper. The only thing that has not changed is the tail lamps which I find them so much cooler.

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Did you like the look of the ford Everest?. Tell us down below in the comment box. let’s share the love for cars folks.


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