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NEW NISSAN Z PROTO: is it what you wanted?


The new Nissan z proto is a review of how the next generation of Nissan z would look like. But is it what we expected as far as the previous models in the Z line up look like?. According to reports, the production z is said to arrive in 2021 where it’s likely to be called the 400Z. Unsurprisingly, the new z model is an indicator that Nissan has never given up on the production of sports cars. But how good is the new Nissan z?.

2022-Nissan-400Z 240Z-Nissan

Yes, the new z proto has an elegant shape and design that’s a fact. It starts from the front grille all the way to the back. It is said to be 5 inches longer than the previous z model the 370z. it has borrowed the best parts of the previous Z models such as headlights inspired by the 240Z and taillights from the 300ZX. But are the fans happy and excited about the new Nissan Z proto let’s check out some of the fans comments?


Honestly disappointed by the front end. I was expecting more of a pointed nose instead of the awkward rectangular mouth….but the rest of the car looks decent. Overall I would give this design an 8/10, but 10/10 because this car gives a shift #savethemanuals


I gotta say that from some angles it looks awesome. Others not so much. Maybe a different color like a cherry red. I like it. The interior looks fantastic


I like it with the exception of the taillights also wish it would have been a little more shark nosed but with pedestrians impact standards being what they are I understand.


I really like the way the car looks it is a continuation and not a throwback so taking some styling ideas from previous gens and updating them into this lovely package is exactly right. We also need to realise it needs to appeal to more than just those in the car community for Nissan to see it feasible to continue making z cars and not go down the whole route of only SUVs


What a surprise, that Nissan can still make a nice looking car! Looks stunning!

 Under the hood, is an amazing 3.0-litre v6 engine that is paired with a six-speed manual transmission, that’s really awesome to all car enthusiasts who love driving the stick shift? Surprisingly also an automatic transmission is optionally available for this new Nissan z model.


I am smitten. I like the exterior, the subtly peaked hood is a nice touch. The interior is outstanding. An RWD car with a real three-pedal transmission. Love it


Finally! Turbo V6, manual, RWD. What else can you ask for?! So many of you have asked for this from other car manufacturers and Nissan has delivered! I’m happy personally. Looks-wise I think this is one of those cars I need to see in person which is fine. Looks sharp so far.

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