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New puma xj is the road to jaguar future designs

We all know jaguar for its history of building really cool makes of cars which are considered to be luxurious and also likable.

Here comes the puma xj with a new design which is also an electric vehicle which represents the future designs but why do we say the spy shots taken earlier before the new jaguar xj have been seen to have a couple of new traits.

To be more precise, this is what we saw from the spy shots: the electric puma xj will have a bigger grille which is larger than the xl. it has also slimmer headlights and also vertically opposed taillights.

From the reports, it is said that the puma xj will have four electric engines under its hood compared to its present xjr that has a 5 litre supercharged v8 engine. The v8 engine powers out 575 horses .

What’s amazing about the electric xj is that it can last upto 292 miles relying on its 90.2kw/h battery.

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