No one ever thought that a smaller camper van like this Kia ravy would ever come to existence right?. This has been done by a Korean motorhome specialist by the name Daon TNT. Surprisingly, this camping van can sleep four people despite its size which is shorter than a two-door mini hatch. This has shown how the need for camping in a small car is high.

The Kia ravy measures only 141.5 inches long which is really short when compared to the likes of Kia Soul and a two-door mini cooper which are extra 23 inches and 10 inches long respectively. Shockingly, this amazing Kia ravy is 66.9 inches tall, which is taller than most of the city cars you see around.

Despite the size, Daon TNT has really incorporated everything well inside the worlds tiniest camping van. Inside, you will find a mini kitchen, a bed, a storage for all your camping necessities and an electric power supply. During dark hours in the bushes, the front seats are folded flat and the cabin becomes a sleeping area. The ravy has a pop-up roof and a mattress that is lowered to provide comfort to four people. Been able to accommodate four people inside is one amazing thing about this car for sure.

When it comes to accessibility, this camping van provides a space for easy access. In between the normal front doors, the rear hatch and sliding doors on the passenger side, easy access is made unquestionable.

Thanks to the led interior lighting which provides light inside the micro camper van. When front seats are adjusted to their normal position, the rear hatch provides a sofa-like an experience to chill before sleeping. More features include a pop-up heater, a power bank battery and a slide-out kitchen sink that gives you a traditional camper van experience.

In the Kia ravy, power comes from a 1.0-litre gas engine that delivers only 75 horsepower. But that’s not bad for a little camping car like this one right?. Furthermore, there isn’t much to carry in this cute camper van.

The kia ravy will only be sold in Korea but if it was available to other countries would you buy one?.  Share your thoughts with us of how you feel about this small cute camper van.

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