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James may ‘’oh cook” cooking book is ready for pre-order


Unsurprisingly, the grand tour presenter James may be working on solo cooking show project. We all saw this at the beginning of the year on amazon prime video. The cooking show is going by the name OH COOK which will be featured on amazon prime video. Here, you will find a couple of awesome recipes available in over seven episodes. Each episode takes around 30 minutes which for a fact is a lot of time to see the brilliance of James May.

However, as fans of James may we aren’t getting the show alone. James may Oh cook is also coming in a book which is written by the grand tour presenter himself. But do you love cooking? Try the oh cook cooking book which is on pre-order now.

“Only 34 days until my book of idiots’ recipes comes out. Pre-order to ensure disappointment,” May posted to Twitter. It’s currently only available to the UK, so US fans will have to wait until the 24th of November.

 With only 10.09 euros you can get your copy that promises a handful of recipes

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