Back in the 90s was a battle of turbocharged Japanese sports cars. unfortunately, a lot of them such as Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota slowly went into extinction. they all left the Nissan as the last man standing in the battle with its z spots cars. decades later Toyota has introduced the Toyota GR supra looking forward to replacing Nissan Z sportscars in the battlefield. recently, Nissan looks like it ain’t ready to let the supra rule by revealing their Nissan z proto. Here is we’ve compared both cars to see which one outdoes the other.

Engine, performance and transmission

The Toyota gr supra is more of a German car since it has more of BMWs DNA. It all starts from the engine where under the hood; the Toyota supra is available with two BMW sourced turbocharged two-litre four-cylinder engine and a 3-litre six-cylinder engine. The power output from the supra 2.0-litre engine is 255 horsepower and from the 3.0 litre, we get 382 horsepower.

Back to the Nissan 400 z, it is said to be powered by only a 3.0-litre v6 engine (according to Nissan). Unfortunately, the power figures haven’t been specified but in case it uses the Infiniti Q60 red sport engine, we expect it to produce a massive 400 horsepower. In comparison, Nissan would have an 18 extra horsepower advantage.

In terms of transmission, the Nissan 400z packs a six-speed manual transmission where also an automatic transmission is available. Unfortunately, this sounds like a total win over the supra which has only an eight-speed automatic transmission only. A manual transmission option is missing which would turn off enthusiasts who like using the stick shift making them go for the Nissan 400z.

Exterior and styling

Nissan seems to have borrowed a lot from the previous Z models to build the Nissan 400z. it uses the same platform as the 370Z and 350Z. To be more precise, the front grille of the 400Z takes us back to the 240Z. at the rear end, the taillights look more of the 300ZX.

On the other hand, the Toyota gr supra style looks all new. It is styled to look more of an FT-1 concept from 2014. The supra looks smaller and less pronounced like the BMW Z4 which they share the same platform. Being more of a German machine, the supra looks great, the pointed fronted makes it looks more aggressive and at the rear end the ducktail like spoiler looks amazing.


Inside the cabin, the Toyota gr supra lacks the Toyota feel; it feels more of a BMW. Honestly, we wouldn’t say that this was a poor decision the supra having a German luxury interior, in fact, the materials and technology inside the supra’s cabin are excellent.

The Nissan 400z interior is full of genuine Nissan parts. But a lot of features feel old such as the seats and HVAC are in the same position as in the previous Z models. Additionally, the Nissan 400z has a new updated infotainment system and digital gauge clusters.

In conclusion, both sports cars look great and outstanding, thus choosing on which one to purchase will depend on personal preferences.

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