Disappointed G-Class Owner shocks many


Not long since a young Russian YouTuber dropped  his Mercedes-Benz  1,000 feet down. frustrated SUV owner was Igor Moroz – a vlogger who specializes in pranks.

From his Instagram, he says that the G-Wagen was a pain to own. since he bought it in March 2018 for 16.8 million rubles ($270,000). It needed repairs monthly. he added that the time he left it in the dealership sometimes went as long as a month. sometimes dealer even allegedly refused to repair some of the faults.

we don’t care whether this whole thing was a true display of disappointment or just an expensive publicity stunt is beyond us. All we know is that it’s costly. There’s nothing left to salvage from the wreck of the AMG G63. It was reduced down to a flat piece of rubble, almost unrecognizable.

from instagram


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