The first generation of the Toyota Fortuner came to be back in 2004. It is actually a  Hilux based seven-seater  SUV that comes in 3 model trims, the GX, GXL and the crusade. In 2015 the second generation was revealed, which has been in the market till when Toyota decided to give it a facelift. The 2021 Toyota Fortuner facelift was revealed alongside the Toyota Hilux which also got a facelift. Away from that, today let’s discuss some of the things the new Toyota Fortuner got from the facelift.

New toyota fortuner Styling

Apparently, Very limited styling changes have been made to the new Toyota Fortuner. The styling has only affected the LED headlights and the taillights and also a modified front and rear bumpers. Inside the Fortuner, the only change Toyota did is increasing the size of the infotainment screen display by one inch. The new touchscreen display features 8 inches and supports both android auto and apple car play.

Revised Engine, more power and transmission

In the new Hilux based seven-seater SUV, all the models are powered by only one engine. It is a 2.8 litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. It powers out 150 kW and 500Nm of torque, thanks to the new refreshed Toyota Hilux powertrain making the new Toyota Fortuner more powerful compared to the previous models. When compared to the previous model a healthy increase of 20KW and 50 NM of torque is notable. The 2.8 engine is also mated with a six-speed automatic transmission system and has a switchable all four-wheel-drive system.

 More Fuel economical

Having an 80l fuel tank, On a combined cycle the new Fortuner consumes 7.6 litres for every 100 kilometres. The fuel figure is actually 17 per cent less compared to the previous model fuel consumption, thanks to the new improved cooling system and the revised power train

Increased towing capacity

Definitely, this is an advantage that the newly updated Fortuner has over the model it’s replacing. The new 2021 Fortuner can tow up to 3100kg, this is actually 300kg more than the previous model its replacing could tow.

source: motor1


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  1. I do love the fortuner but I think its still the Hilux that rocks….
    Especially the new upcoming GR more tough both off-road and on-road and offers a punch in performance more than the FORTUNER ……

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