Of course, this is great news for every motorhead who loves the Audi brand and the R8. Based on the reports, Audi is said to celebrate their victories in Nurburgring by making 50 unique limited edition of the Audi R8 2020. The 50 examples built are referred to as the Audi r8 green hell edition. However, how special are these particular models?.

R8 green hell edition exterior

Surprisingly, Audi gave the R8 amazing visual upgrades making the car look more of a real race car. The special R8 features a fitting dark green exterior referred to as Tioman green. Customers can also get it in other colours such as ibis white, Daytona grey, and mythos black. The hood, A-pillars, roof and rear-end are partly covered in a matte-black foil. Also, the black styling features on the side mirrors, side blades and diffuser. The special Audi R8 rolls on 20-inch wheels, five-spoke matte black with amazing red accents.

R8 green hell edition interior

Inside the special R8, we would say it’s perfect. Right from the steering wheel, knee pads, centre and door armrests and the digital instrument display cover, features the Alcantara. This is a material that has been used on the lightweight bucket seats.

Audi has also used this colour on the instrument panels door rail and the door pull handle. Amazing, the floor mats feature the special R8’s logo ‘’GREEN HELL R8’’.

Green hell edition power

Power In this ’GREEN HELL R8’’ comes from a 5.2-litre V10 engine. Amazingly, the R8s V10 delivers 611 horsepower that is equally distributed to all the four wheels. Power is supplied through the Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive system and a seven-speed s Tronic gearbox.

Surprisingly, the special R8 can make from 0-100km/h in just 2.1 seconds where its top speed is limited to 331 kilometres per hour.

Green hell edition price

The 50 limited Audi r8 2020 supercars price set to start at 273,946 dollars. That’s really a lot of money, but for this green hell edition, R8 is kind of worth. What do you think?


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