I noted a few things about the 2021 BMW i4 .when i was watching a video on the super car Blondie about the BMW i4.

It has a very Bold Styling

when it comes to this 2021 BMW i4 styling its i noticed it has a long wheelbase, a fastback roofline. the i4 has a large kidney grille that dominates the styling which acts as an “intelligence panel” and houses various sensors. Mounted either side are slender, sharp, LED headlights, and vertical air inlets, presumably to cool the brakes and improve aerodynamics. On the back and following the sweeping B pillars are sharp and slim L-shaped taillights and vertical air outlets. For the concept, at least, BMW has highlighted the rear diffuser elements so as not to upset eyes that are used to seeing exhaust outlets there.


BMW i4 uses a single electric motor powers out 530 horsepower, similar to a BMW built a V8 engine that is gas powered. That’s fed by an 80-kWh battery that weighs just 1,212 lbs, and BMW claims the all-electric four will accelerate from 0-62 mph in four seconds. However, BMW has a long habit of understating power and performance. As the Model S has been seen hitting 60 mph in under 4 seconds and the i4 boasts more power and likely comparable overall weight, we wouldn’t be surprised if the i4 turns out to be quicker. It’s also incredibly likely that the i4 will be made available with a rear-wheel and an all-wheel-drive power train, which will make for variable 0-60 mph times

Interior full of tech

The BMW i4 Concept’s interior looks rich and intricate with its white leather upholstery, light wood trim, and rose gold embellishment. We don’t expect it to be quite so ornate for production, with something similar to the current BMW Series interior more likely. If the i4 Concept’s cabin is anything to go by, and because of the expectations set on premium level electric vehicles, we expect the i4 to be full of tech to be accessed by a large touchscreen infotainment system. We may not see the i4 Concept’s curved display and the next generation of BMW’s operating system, though. BMW will want to make sure it’s first mass-market electric sedan is as close to bulletproof as possible, so debuting it with a brand new system is unlikely.

Charging capacity

BMW is claiming 372 miles on a full charge, but based on the European WLTP rating rather than the US’s EPA estimates. The Model 3 Standard Range is EPA estimated for 220 miles, the Standard Range Plus for 250 miles, but it’s the Model 3 Long Range and Performance that boasts over 300 miles on a full charge. If BMW can crack 300 miles on its base model, that’s going to be a huge plus point in both practicality and advertising standpoints. The i4 will also have a 150-kilowatt charging capacity so it can get up to 80 percent of its range in just 35 minutes.


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