5 Best Mercedes camper vans for rent

In this corona era, I know you really have plenty of good reasons to ditch those familiar walls of your apartment. Maybe you have been thinking of going out for camping. I have a pretty good idea for you. Maybe you can try living the van life and start your new life on the road. That sounds pretty cool right?. Here are the best custom Mercedes Benz sprinter camper vans for rent to move to your new van life. make sure you add one of them in your camping checklist

Outside Van Wanderlust

This is the most affordable pre-built Mercedes sprinter based camper van. If you looking forward to going out camping and you are working on a budget then you should look for one of this camper van.

Despite not having a lot in it just basics the vans wanderlust I a solid long term option for those who have the mind of just being outside. Inside this van, you will only find a sink and a shower, a modern kitchen, and also a sleeping surface for you and also an enormous rear cargo hold not forgetting an extra-wide roof rack. Surprisingly you will not find a bathroom in this van. So what happens when nature calls haha… I know you already have the answer in your mind …

Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter

Secondly in your camping checklist, comes the sports mobile which is a great camper vans for rent. This sprinter conversion has special lift kits that raise the chassis 3 inches in the front and 3 in the back. This custom sprinter has the ability to climb hills making it more of a mountain beast. In this van, you will find plenty of headroom and a pop-up sleeping platform. In this van plenty of options are available for instance the solar panels and obligatory snorkel.

Chinook Bay-side Camper Van

In this what lacks inside is dedicated sleeping surfaces. But despite no having a sleeping area it makes up for first-class luxury fo real. In this, you will find 6 executive chairs, an executive privacy package, deluxe lighting controls, full kitchen amenities, porcelain toilet, water heater, two TVs (including one in the head), a concert-style sound system, and even a 4-camera security system. The reality is this is a premium van for you and your crew which is worth at most 150000 dollars.

Winnebago Revel 4×4

When it comes to this, everything changes and goes to a whole new level. And for real this is a perfect example of an adventure-ready travel van that comes with the 4*4 transmission and more power of 325 lb-ft of torque. In this, you will find enough space for all of your camping needs. Apparently, in this particular custom Mercedes Benz van, you will find a roof-mounted solar panels link to an impressive electrical system that powers the stove, fridge, heater, and lights, I bet that’s more than you need to go out and explore the unknown.

Saw-tooth Touring Van

This camper van is from RB COMPONENTS specialists built on all capable chassis os the Mercedes Benz sprinter. When it comes to this van all we can say is not strictly a camper or a touring van but it an all-round thing. In this van, you will find a sports full-sized awning, top-and-bottom front light bars, massive freshwater tank, full kitchen, bathroom, two dining areas, integrated solar panels, built-in outdoor barbecue, and a 5-foot snorkel.

if you are a mercedes benz lover dont forget to choose one of this vans make sure you have one on your camping checklist


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