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2024 Nissan Patrol Warrior: all we know

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Before the end of the year, Nissan will introduce the eagerly anticipated Patrol Warrior. This V8-powered off-road monster will compete with everything from the LandCruiser 300 Series to the Lexus GX and LandCruiser Prado.

The 5.6-litre gasoline V8 engine, which continues to produce 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque, is the obvious key difference, but Premcar, a Victorian engineering company, has improved nearly every other aspect of the Patrol, including the interior, the exhaust, the underbody, the suspension, the rubber on the tires, and the alloy wheels.

Nissan Patrol Exterior styling

It’s a good thing that the Patrol Warrior doesn’t look very different from the standard Patrol because the upgrades are practical rather than purely aesthetic. The only external alterations are the black mirror caps, grille, fender skirts, and Warrior badge on the rear. Premcar also designed the 18-inch alloy wheels, which use all-terrain Yokohama tires instead of the standard Patrol’s summer tires.

a sophisticated anti-roll system known as a new hydraulic body motion control suspension was installed.

The dual tailpipes can be seen peeping out from under the car on the right side of the vehicle. This is due to the bi-modal exhaust system that Premcar installed, which makes a louder, harsher note while you’re accelerating quickly and a softer, less obtrusive sound when you’re cruising.

Nissan Patrol Warrior

Two 3.5-tonne tow hooks are located at the back, and the tow bar has been rebuilt to fit a full-sized 18-inch alloy spare tire.

The Patrol Warrior has different dimensions than a typical Patrol. It is 84mm wider for a width of 2079mm, 94mm longer at 5269mm end-to-end, and that 50mm rise offers a total height of 1990mm.

Nissan Patrol Interior

Nothing, except for Toyota’s LandCruiser, comes close to giving the spaciousness of the massive cabin and warehouse-like cargo volume of the Patrol Warrior, a large, eight-seater SUV. This is coming from someone who has lived with a standard Y62 Patrol with their family on numerous occasions.

Nissan Patrol Warrior interior

The Patrol Warrior has expanded in length, height, and width. The Patrol Warrior’s inner space is the same as what I’ve estimated for the outside measurements in the Design section above.

Nissan Patrol Warrior interior

Excellent head, leg, and elbow room is there up front thanks to the broad seats. Even the third row doesn’t feel as crowded as it does in the majority of other SUVs with third rows, and the second-row seats have plenty of legroom.

When the third row is folded flat, the available 1413 litres of room in the boot expands to an enormous 467 litres when the third row is in place.

Large door pockets, a sizable centre console box, and cupholders for each row make up the exceptional cabin storage.

The Patrol Warrior lacks contemporary conveniences like wireless phone charging and USB ports (only one), based on the current-generation Patrol.  Those in the second row will remain comfortable throughout extended hot or cold trips thanks to the three-zone climate control with directed air vents.

Engine, power and Transmission

Under the hood is the same 5.6 litres V8 engine that powers the standard Nissan Patrol. This powertrain delivers 296kw of power and 560NM of torque paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission system. Four-wheel drive is available for the Nissan patrol warrior. The Patrol Warrior uses the same amount of fuel (14.4L/100km) as the standard Patrol.

Nissan Patrol Warrior engine specs

Nissan Patrol price

In terms of the Nissan Patrol price, the automaker has not yet revealed the figures yet.

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