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Mazda CX60 Review: Price and Specs

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The Mazda CX60 is a compelling addition to the midsize SUV market, showcasing a striking design, a luxurious interior, and agile handling. While it may not offer the smoothest ride in its class and has some minor quirks, it more than makes up for these shortcomings with its distinctive style and practical features. Whether you’re looking for a diesel or a plug-in hybrid, the CX60 offers a range of options to suit your needs. So, should you consider it? Absolutely. The Mazda CX60 is a solid contender in its segment, marrying style and substance with Japanese precision. Let’s dive into what makes this car a remarkable addition to the automotive landscape.

Mazda CX60 Exterior

The Mazda CX60 boasts a captivating design that effortlessly blends form and function. Its exterior showcases sleek lines, glossy accents, and a bold Mastery Grill that commands attention. The 20-inch alloy wheels, standard in the top-spec version, add a touch of sophistication. However, it’s important to note that the quad tailpipes are not all functional, which is a minor letdown. However, the overall exterior appearance of the CX60 is both attractive and stylish.

mazda cx60

Mazda CX60 Interior

Step inside the Mazda CX60, and you’ll be greeted with a sense of luxury and attention to detail. The dashboard design is a visual treat, especially in the top specification version, with the inclusion of maple wood trim and plush upholstery. The driving position is impeccable, and the steering wheel is electrically adjustable, akin to high-end luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz. The digital instrument cluster is intuitive, allowing easy access to vital information.

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One standout feature is the separate climate control system, distinct from the infotainment screen, offering quick temperature adjustments while on the move. The inclusion of ventilated seats ensures a comfortable ride, even on scorching days.

Storage within the cabin is decent, with two USB-C ports, cup holders, and wireless charging for your mobile phone. The glove box is spacious, and there are ample storage solutions, ensuring a clutter-free interior.

Rear Passenger Comfort

While the front passengers bask in comfort, the rear passengers might find themselves a bit cramped, especially in terms of knee room. For taller individuals, this could be a concern. Additionally, the rear windows don’t fully descend, which can limit the sense of openness in the cabin.

mazda cx60

However, the Mazda CX60 compensates for this with an array of features, including heated rear seats, USB-C ports, and a three-pin socket with 150 watts, ensuring a comfortable ride for rear passengers. The through-loading feature allows for longer objects to be carried, even with passengers on either side.

A Spacious Cargo

One of the standout features of the Mazda CX60 is its impressive cargo space. With a cargo capacity of 570 liters, it outperforms most of its competitors in this category. There’s no load lip to contend with, making loading and unloading a breeze.

mazda cx60

Moreover, the protective mat for the carpeted floor adds to the car’s practicality. Folding down the rear seats is easy, although they don’t lie completely flat, which can be a slight inconvenience when transporting larger items.

Five Noteworthy Features

1. Load Cover Convenience

One practical feature of the Mazda CX60 is the ability to store the load cover neatly under the boot floor, providing an unobstructed cargo space when needed.

2. Facial Recognition for Seat Adjustment

The Mazda CX60 uses facial recognition to identify the driver and automatically adjusts the seat position to their preference, ensuring a personalized and comfortable driving experience.

3. Smooth Steering

The CX60 offers responsive and dependable steering, allowing precise control and a confident driving experience.

4. Heads-Up Display

A standard heads-up display provides essential information at a glance, enhancing safety and convenience.

5. Off-Roading Capability

For those seeking adventure, the CX60 offers Hill Descent Control and an off-road driving mode, optimizing the car’s performance in slippery conditions.

Engine, Power, and Transmission

The Mazda CX60 comes with a choice of three engines, including two 3.3-liter straight-six diesel options and a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired with an electric motor in the plug-in hybrid version, generating a robust 330 horsepower. All variants feature an eight-speed automatic gearbox, offering smooth shifts and ample power when needed.

mazda cx60

Which CX60 to Choose?

The Mazda CX60 lineup is diverse, and your choice may depend on your specific preferences. Whether you opt for a diesel or a plug-in hybrid, you’ll enjoy a versatile and stylish vehicle.

On the Road: Handling and Performance

In urban environments, the Mazda CX60 handles with finesse, making tight turns a breeze. The compact turning circle and agile steering ensure an effortless driving experience in city traffic. However, the suspension can feel a bit firmer than expected, causing minor discomfort over rough or uneven surfaces.

On highways, the CX60 delivers competent performance, with the petrol engine and electric motor working in harmony. While it may not be the quietest ride in its class, it offers strong acceleration and responsive handling, providing a sense of confidence on the road.

The CX60 also excels on winding country roads, delivering a dynamic driving experience. The suspension’s stiffness and responsive steering contribute to its agile handling. Although it may not offer the same level of comfort as some competitors, it certainly adds a sporty touch to your daily drives.

Acceleration: A Glimpse into Speed

Mazda claims that the CX60 can sprint from 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. In reality, it comes close to this figure. The unique noise during acceleration, often attributed to a supercharger, is actually the result of the electric motor’s operation, which adds a distinctive sound to the experience.

Mazda CX60 Price

The Mazda CX60 starting price for the Evolve 3.3T I6 petrol AWD model is $59,800 before on-road costs. The highest-priced model in the range is the Azami 2.5 I4 PHEV AWD, which is priced at $85,500 before on-road costs.

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