The all-new Kia Sportage plug-in hybrid features a high-quality high-tech driver-centric interior designed specifically for European customers. marking the first time in the model’s history. KIA’s new design language opposites united, which was unveiled last year to widespread acclaim is at the heart of the new Sportage plug-in hybrid influencing every aspect of its appearance and character. Joy for reason, power to progress, technology for life, tension for serenity and bold for nature are the five pillars of this thought-provoking and daring philosophy. the final pillar bold for nature has had a significant impact on the design of the new Sportage as it embodies the natural world and creates a design identity that is daring, emotional, modern but organic.

The new Sportage plug-in hybrid’s exterior design gives it a striking presence on the road. It features clean muscular surfaces paired with intricate graphics to give the SUV a dynamic and assertive road presence. The Sportage features a super slim version of Kia’s tiger-nose grille on either side of bold boomerang-shaped LED running lights. The main headlights are neatly integrated into a larger lower grille. The car appears slightly more compact in profile with cleaner surfacing along the sides as well.  with high set tail lights and the now popular full-width light strip, the car takes a clear lead from Kia’s all-electric ev6. the boot door opens to a low level allowing easy access to the 587-litre boot.

Inside, the Kia Sportage ev6 continues to inspire with twin 12.3-inch screens. one in front of the driver with clear easy to use graphics and a responsive touch screen in the centre for infotainment. Both screens appear to merge into a single seamless panorama sweep. Touch-sensitive climate controls are located beneath the central touch screen and when you press the mode switch button they transform into fast keys for accessing infotainment settings. the rotary automatic gear selector is hidden behind a wireless phone charger with cup holders to the side. There are USB ports on the back of the front seats as well as a handy hook and the headrests can be used as coat or bag hangers. the quality is excellent as well.

The all-new Kia Sportage interior proportions have been specifically honed for European customers combining practicality, functionality and versatility. A compact wheelbase of 2680 mm, a width of 1865 mm, a length of 4515 mm and a height of 645 millimetres has ensured Kia’s latest SUV offers a highly spacious interior for passengers and their luggage.

kia’s award-winning 1.6-litre TGDI engine powers the plug-in hybrid. the advanced four-cylinder engine offers a sporty engaging and highly responsive. it also has a CVVD system which is a sophisticated technology that controls the duration of valve lifts to improve performance fuel economy and emissions. The 1.6-litre TGDI engine benefits from an optimized combustion process. Cooling technologies and key friction reduction measures are an addition to CVVD. An advanced integrated thermal management system and the use of low friction ball bearings are among these features.

A Kia Sportage GT line starts from less than 30 000 pounds with a petrol engine. However, adding an electric motor and a 13.8-kilowatt-hours battery and you need to pay around 8500 pounds more. Prices rise to 43795 pounds for the GT line SPHEV.


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