Yes, you read that right. A lot of questions are running in your mind trying to figure out why? And what happened. For a fact, the Mercedes Amg g63 is one SUV that every car enthusiast dreams to own. It’s one SUV that is known for many things on and off-road but being destroyed isn’t actually one of those many things. But why would one even dare to destroy the amazing, must buy SUV for every celebrity?. The destroyed Mercedes Amg g63 belonged to a Russian YouTube vlogger by the name Igor Moroz.

In a YouTube video that ends with a sad story, Moroz gave a number of reasons that led to this. He bought the Mercedes Amg g63 SUV two years ago. Of course, this SUV is not that cheap, he claims he spent about $270000 to buy the now destroyed G63. He claims that he visited multiple dealers every month for repairs. Also, the dealer refused to repair some faults under warranty leaving an irritating sound from the front door. Now the end results of his disappointments were taking the SUV  1000 feet in the air and let it fly down to the ground  But did this SUV deserve such a heartless act?..

Moroz is actually known for doing prank videos to entertain his followers but from this, it didn’t seem like one. Anyway, it is his g63 he can do what he wants as he claims in the video as he takes the best off-road SUV to its grave. However, reports claim that Moroz and his friends had a contract which actually needed a g63 to be destroyed. It was also to be destroyed at a high height.  To accomplish the mission, Moroz went ahead to hire a helicopter from an airport2 costing him around $4000. After all, there was nothing left to collect from the destroyed g63 but maybe he felt better for doing this.

But did Moroz destroy his Mercedes Amg g63 to impress his fans on YouTube? What do you think?.

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