Of course, you’ve been looking forward to going out for off-roading. Shockingly, you always find a lot of questions running through your mind on about which car is best to go in the bushes with. Apparently, in this coronavirus pandemic era and with the entire social distancing thing, all you need is to go out to play with nature. But where are you going to distance yourself?. It a place where there are no roads and no people unlike in the streets where you are used to. Here is a list of 5 best off-road SUV s that is capable of conquering any terrain any day anytime

Jeep wrangler

Best off-road SUVs -jeep wrangler

Of course, a lot has been said and you’ve heard a lot about the jeep wrangler in the past years. But here we say the jeep deserves the top spot in the best off-road SUVs list. Everything about it starts right from the convertible top and removable doors that bring you closer to nature. This makes the off-roading experience more wild and exciting.

Apart from that, many think that the jeep is an overhyped off-road SUV but the reality is it’s not. The jeep wrangler is the real deal when it comes to very serious off-roading activities. For it to be able to counter very rough terrains, every wrangler model has plenty of ground clearance of around 10.9 inches. The 44 axles 33-inch all-terrain tires, rock rails steel bumpers a 4:1 gear ratio and locking differentials, allow the wrangler to climb over obstacles. The jeep wrangler can also go up to 30 inches of water, that’s according to the jeep. Despite the fact every wrangler can go off-roading, the Rubicon is the most capable when it comes to very poor terrains.

Mercedes Benz G class

Best off-road SUVs- G-wagon
Best off-road SUVs- G-wagon

It started back then as a capable military car. Slowly by slowly, the Mercedes Benz g class has evolved becoming more luxurious over time. Shockingly, it has also become a must-buy SUV to many celebrities around the world. Despite all that, this car is always ready to do anything or go anywhere when it comes to rough terrains.

In the G class, you will find standard features such as an all-wheel-drive system with low range, a solid rear axle and three locking differentials. All these allow the g wagon to tackle any rough terrain it comes across. We cannot forget the power that comes right under in its hood from a choice of twin-turbocharged v8 engines.

Landrover defender

Best off-road SUV
landrover defender

Decade after decade, the land rover defender has proven to be a good player in rough terrains. Excitingly, now we have the new land rover defender that has also proven to be more of a successor than a direct replacement. Sure, this car has also been built to do more than the previous defender in terms of luxury and off-road capabilities. Looking at the new defender, it seems like it isn’t for people who love off-roading. With the ground clearance of around 291mm, approach and departure angle of 40 degrees, its off-road capabilities are beyond questionable.

When it comes to power, the defender offers a couple of four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines that deliver respectable power and not forgetting how fuel-economical they are.

Toyota land cruiser

Best off-road SUV
Toyota land cruiser

A Japanese icon that has been in existence since the 1950s, made to go anywhere, anytime and even does anything. Every day, the land cruiser has evolved to become more of a luxurious off-road SUV than before. Apart from that, the land cruiser nowadays is equipped with more tech features too.

In every land cruiser, you will find its equipped with a full-time four-wheel-drive system with a Torsen locking centre differential. To make the off-roading business a success the land cruiser offers a ground clearance of around 8.9 inches. This is surely enough to avoid hitting obstacles in the poor terrains.

Nissan patrol

Nissan patrol

It’s a seven-seat, four-door SUV that never gives the Toyota land cruiser any minute to breathe. What’s more awesome about the Nissan patrol is it lets you do off-roading with the whole of your family. Believe it or not, the patrol is a real deal when it comes to going off-roading. Shockingly, a lot of explorers depend on the Nissan patrol every day this proves you can use it to go to any rough terrains you’ve ever dreamed of driving to.

The patrol features a terrain mode select that consist of on-road sand, snow and rock settings. All this is to modify the drive that suits the terrain. when it comes to ground clearance, the patrol provides 273mm. it also has departure angles of 34.4,24.4 and 26.3 degrees respectively that allows it manoeuver obstacles without it getting damaged. that’s what makes it be a part of the best off-road SUV of all time


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