2023 Audi Q5: Upgrades, Pricing, and Performance

In the world of automobiles, the Audi Q5 has always held a special place as a stylish and desirable SUV. With the introduction of the latest model, Audi has taken this mid-size SUV to a new level. In this article, we’ll delve into the upgrades, pricing, and performance of the 2023 Audi Q5, helping you decide if it’s a better buy than its competitors like the BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC.

Exterior Elegance

Audi has always been known for its exceptional design, and the 2023 Audi Q5 is no exception. The latest model takes things up a notch with fresh design elements. Notable changes include new tail light designs, which are even more stunning on the top-of-the-range models featuring OLED tail lights reminiscent of your mobile phone’s screen.

2022 audi q5

At the rear, you’ll notice a striking black strip running across the car’s back, adding a touch of elegance. While the rear bumper design might be a subject of debate, the rest of the car’s exterior exudes style, from the new alloy wheel designs to the carbon side sills.

2022 audi q5

Up front, you’ll find LED headlights as standard, with matrix LEDs available from the S-Line trim and above. These matrix LEDs not only provide excellent illumination but also cleverly adjust their beams to prevent dazzling oncoming drivers.

Interior Refinement

Stepping inside the 2023 Audi Q5 reveals a cabin that exudes luxury and sophistication. The most significant change here is the introduction of the new infotainment system, featuring a large 10.1-inch touchscreen on top of the dashboard. Audi’s latest operating system powers this system, providing a user-friendly interface for functions like satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. However, the real treat is the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering seamless smartphone integration.

2022 audi q5 interior

In addition to the advanced infotainment system, the Audi Q5 offers various seat options. The Edition One, for instance, comes with quilted leather seats, while the top-of-the-line Four Sprung model features a combination of Alcantara and leather. Even the entry-level Sport model boasts comfortable seats, making it easy to find your ideal driving position.

2022 audi q5 interior

The overall build quality is exceptional, with premium materials and a solid feel throughout the cabin. However, some quirks include the removal of the swivel wheel for controlling the infotainment system, replaced by somewhat pointless cubby holes. But there are notable highlights, like wireless charging integrated into the cup holder cover, a feature exclusive to the range-topping Four Sprung model.

Back Seat Comfort

Moving to the rear seats, the 2023 Audi Q5 maintains its reputation for practicality. Ample knee and headroom ensure a comfortable ride for passengers, even with the optional glass roof. The rear seats are not only adjustable but also recline, accommodating various passenger needs. While carrying three passengers in the rear is possible, the middle seat may feel slightly narrow compared to its competitors, such as the Mercedes GLC.

2022 audi q5 interior

Installing child seats is a breeze, thanks to the wide rear doors and easily accessible anchor points. This convenience extends to loading cargo, with a flat, albeit slightly raised, boot floor offering flexibility for transporting longer items while still accommodating passengers.

Cargo Space

The boot space in the 2023 Audi Q5 is both practical and generous. With a capacity of 550 liters, it matches the BMW X3 and the Mercedes GLC, allowing you to transport seven airplane-sized carry-on luggage cases with ease. Additionally, the boot features tie-down points, hooks, and a 12-volt socket for added versatility. However, a minor downside is the small load lip, making it slightly challenging to slide items in and out.

Engine, Power, and Performance

When it comes to engine choices, the Audi Q5 offers a variety of options to suit different preferences. The range begins with a two-liter diesel engine delivering 204 horsepower, while the SQ5 variant boasts a potent three-liter V6 diesel with 351 horsepower.

audi q5

For those who prefer petrol, the Q5 features a two-liter turbocharged engine with 265 horsepower. Additionally, Audi offers two plug-in hybrid versions, both combining a two-liter turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor. These hybrids offer 299 and 370 horsepower, respectively.

audi q5

All Q5 models come equipped with all-wheel drive and automatic gearboxes, ensuring excellent traction and a smooth driving experience.

Performance Overview

On the road, the 2023 Audi Q5 impresses with its versatility. In urban environments, the SUV shines with its elevated seating position, providing a commanding view of the surroundings. Light controls and a reasonable turning circle make maneuvering through city streets a breeze.

Over rough terrain or speed bumps, the Q5’s suspension handles low-speed bumps comfortably, even if it’s the sportier suspension setup found on S-Line models. However, for those seeking a softer ride, the optional air suspension is available at an extra cost.

At higher speeds, the Q5 transforms into a quiet and refined cruiser. Wind and tire noise are well-muted, ensuring a peaceful journey. The two-liter petrol engine delivers ample power and remains composed, even under heavy acceleration. It’s worth noting that for extended highway driving, diesel engines may be the more economical choice.

Finally, for those who enjoy spirited driving on twisty roads, the Q5 doesn’t disappoint. The responsive steering, all-wheel-drive system, and good grip enable confident cornering. While it’s not a sports car, the Q5 handles curves admirably, providing an engaging driving experience.

Safety and Technology: A Comprehensive Suite

Audi has left no stone unturned when it comes to safety and technology. The 2023 Audi Q5 boasts a comprehensive suite of safety features, including auto emergency braking, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and more. Adaptive cruise control, auto park assist, and a 360-degree camera suite are also available, making driving this SUV a breeze.

Audi’s commitment to safety is underscored by its five-star ANCAP safety rating and the inclusion of eight airbags. However, it’s worth noting that the warranty remains at three years and unlimited kilometers, falling slightly short of some rivals.

Price Advantage

One of the most crucial aspects of any car purchase is the price. The 2023 Audi Q5 price starts at approximately £43,000, which positions it in a competitive price range for its class.

Source; Carwow


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