2024 Tesla Model 3: Unveiling the New Enhanced Looks

In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation. The new Tesla Model 3 has emerged from a meticulous redesign, with approximately 50 key improvements aimed at enhancing style, aerodynamics, efficiency, luxury, comfort, and safety. In this comprehensive review, we will guide you through the exciting features and changes that make this car a true game-changer in the automotive industry. Welcome to the future of driving.

New Features

The review also highlights several noteworthy new features, including personalized ambient lighting, ventilated seats, and an upgraded 17-speaker premium audio system. Despite these enhancements, Tesla maintains a competitive starting price, bucking the industry trend of price increases.

Redefining Style

Streamlined Front Facade

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Model 3 is the front facade. The headlights have been reimagined to be slimmer and sleeker, now complemented by prominent LED daytime running lights. The car’s look has evolved to be more Audi-inspired, featuring a single central vent, eliminating the old fog lamp and side vent. The result is a more aggressive and captivating design reminiscent of the Hyundai Onyx 6 or, more generously, an Aston Martin Vantage.

Alloy Wheels and Paint Schemes

While the side profile maintains familiarity, Tesla has introduced new alloy wheel designs, offering 18 and 19-inch options. The 19-inch wheels, in particular, sport a special slatted design, creating the illusion of larger wheels. Additionally, two fresh paint schemes have been introduced: “Ultra Red,” akin to the new Tesla Model S, and the appealing “Stealth Gray.”

tesla model 3

Rear-End Refinement

At the rear, the Model 3 now features unified tail lights, departing from the split design of its predecessor. When you open the tailgate, the lights remain uninterrupted. The lower bumper has been redesigned, incorporating integrated fog lights, offering a harmonious and sophisticated rear aesthetic.

tesla model 3

Interior Elegance

Dashboard Transformation

The interior design retains its minimalist ethos but brings innovation to the forefront. A large landscape screen remains the centerpiece, now enhanced with customizable LED lighting. The central vent takes center stage, providing a dynamic focal point. Notably, the steering wheel has been revamped, with indicators integrated for a sleeker appearance, eliminating the need for stalks.

tesla model 3 interior

Material Quality Upgrade

Tesla has not only improved aesthetics but also material quality. The cabin now exudes a premium feel, with aluminum accents enhancing the center console. The focus on noise absorption has led to material choices that minimize vibrations and external sounds, enhancing the overall cabin experience.

Noise Reduction

In an effort to make the Model 3 quieter and more comfortable, Tesla has taken substantial measures. Acoustic glass once limited to the windscreen and front windows, now extends to the rear windows and back windows. Additional sound insulation has been incorporated into the car. Specialized tires designed for noise reduction further contribute to the Model 3’s tranquil ride. These enhancements result in a 30% reduction in wind and ambient noise, a 25% reduction in impact noise, and a 20% reduction in road noise.

A Luxurious Ride

Suspension Upgrade

Tesla’s commitment to comfort and luxury extends to the suspension. The Model 3’s suspension system has been upgraded with new springs, dampers, altered front suspension geometry, enhanced subframe mounting, and upgraded bushings. These refinements work in tandem with improved tires to provide a smoother ride, effectively addressing road imperfections.

Advanced Infotainment

The Model 3 features updated infotainment technology, including a brighter and more responsive screen. The Airway 2.0 system, responsible for ventilation, can now be controlled independently for passengers, ensuring individualized comfort. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity have been improved, offering superior audio quality and a more extensive range. The stereo system now boasts 17 speakers, providing enhanced audio clarity.

Model 3

Rear Passenger Experience

Rear passengers are in for a treat with a dedicated touchscreen. They can control stereo settings, and climate, and even enjoy entertainment on the rear screen. While seat geometry has been improved for comfort, the perforated front seats are now not only heated but also ventilated, delivering a premium experience for all occupants.

Efficiency and Range

Enhanced Aerodynamics

Tesla has achieved an impressive 8% improvement in efficiency without modifying the motors or batteries. The redesigned exterior, including the stylish changes previously discussed, contributes to this efficiency boost. The drag coefficient has been reduced to an impressive 0.219 CD, making the new Model 3 the most aerodynamic Tesla model available.

Impressive Range

These efficiency improvements translate into a remarkable range of figures. The rear-wheel-drive version offers a range of 554 kilometers, while the dual-motor long-range version boasts an impressive 678 kilometers.

Price and Availability

The new Model 3 will be available for purchase in Europe starting in October, with the UK release slated for the following year. Although precise UK release details remain undisclosed, Tesla has ensured that the pricing will remain competitive, starting at approximately £42,000.


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