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2024 Most Reliable Car Brands

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When it comes to buying a new car, we frequently prioritize dependability. We all desire a vehicle that not only performs well but also endures. Consumer Reports conducts an annual poll of its members, collecting data on over 300,000 vehicles, to help you navigate your car-buying journey. Based on this analysis, here are the ten most reliable car brands for 2024.

1. Toyota – The Epitome of Reliability:

Topping our list as the most reliable car brand for 2023 is Toyota. With most models scoring above average, Toyota has consistently demonstrated its commitment to producing reliable vehicles. The Toyota Corolla hybrid, in particular, stands out as the most reliable model overall in our survey.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser Prado

2. Lexus – A Proven Track Record:

Claiming the second spot is Lexus, a brand synonymous with reliability. Led by the GX, every Lexus car and SUV in our survey achieved above-average reliability or better. The proven track record of Lexus makes it a solid choice for those seeking a dependable and trustworthy vehicle.

Lexus GX

3. BMW – A Surprising Contender:

In a surprising turn of events, BMW secured the third position in our 2023 rankings, climbing 10 spots from the previous year. All BMW models, including the 3 Series sedan and the X5 SUV, scored average or better in reliability. This marks the first time BMW has broken into the top three, highlighting its dedication to improving reliability across its lineup.


4. Mazda – Consistency and Quality:

Mazda takes the fourth spot, known for the consistency and quality of its vehicles. Many Mazda models share platforms and components, contributing to enhanced reliability. The CX 5, in particular, boasts above-average reliability, while the legendary Miata impresses with well above-average reliability.

2024 Mazda CX90

5. Honda – A Name You Can Trust:

Securing the fifth position is Honda, a name synonymous with trust and reliability. Models such as the Passport, Accord, Accord Hybrid, and the popular Civic sedan all scored above-average reliability in our surveys. Honda continues to deliver vehicles that stand out for their dependable performance.

2023 honda cr-v

6. Audi – German Engineering Reliability:

Audi captures the sixth spot, showcasing the reliability of German engineering. Not only does the A5 exhibit outstanding reliability but every other Audi model in our survey posted average reliability. Audi enthusiasts can rest assured that their vehicles are built to last.

2023 audi rs e-tron gt specs

7. Subaru – Overcoming Challenges:

Overcoming challenges from previous surveys, Subaru now lands at number seven. Resolving transmission issues reported by members, Subaru’s Ascent SUV, Forester, and Crosstrek small SUVs boast above-average reliability. The brand’s commitment to improvement is evident in its upward trajectory.

2023 subaru outback

8. Acura – Luxury and Reliability Combined:

Claiming the eighth spot is Acura, Honda’s luxury brand. The MDX and RDX SUVs rank above average in reliability this year, demonstrating that luxury and reliability can go hand in hand. Acura has successfully addressed transmission issues reported in previous surveys, enhancing overall brand reliability.


9. Kia – Rising Through the Ranks:

Kia secures the ninth spot, showcasing its upward trajectory in reliability. Not only does the Korean automaker’s EV6 electric vehicle exhibit outstanding reliability, but the brand as a whole has moved up six spots from the previous year. Kia is making significant strides in delivering dependable vehicles to its customers.


10. Lincoln – The Most Improved:

Rounding out our list of most reliable car brands for 2023, at number 10 is Lincoln, the most improved brand of the year. With a notable ascent of 14 spots, Lincoln, led by the Corsair small SUV, is the highest-ranked domestic US automaker on our reliability list. This improvement underscores Lincoln’s dedication to enhancing the dependability of its vehicles.

2018 Lincoln Navigator