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2024 Mercedes Benz A-Class Review: Prices and Specs

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The 2024 Mercedes Benz A-Class is a strong contender in the affordable luxury car segment. It offers a blend of style, comfort, and performance. While it has its share of quirks and drawbacks, it presents a compelling choice for those seeking an elegant and feature-rich vehicle without breaking the bank. So, if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly luxury car, the Mercedes A-Class is definitely worth shortlisting.

We’ll explore its exterior and interior, take it for a spin, evaluate its pros and cons, and even test its acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour. So, stay tuned as we delve into what this elegant vehicle has to offer.

2022 mercedes-benz a-class

Design Upgrades

Let’s start by examining the design updates in the refreshed Mercedes Benz A-Class. While the rear may appear somewhat generic, Mercedes has made subtle but meaningful changes, including redesigned tail lights and a revamped lower bumper. Gone are the tacky fake exhausts, a welcome move. The AMG line variants boast a sportier appearance, complemented by enhanced side skirts. At the front, you’ll notice redesigned LED lights and a larger bumper, adorned with the iconic Mercedes emblem. Overall, these design tweaks give the A-Class a more contemporary and appealing look.

2020 mercedes-benz a-class

Interior Enhancements

Inside, Mercedes has made significant improvements to the A-Class. The infotainment system and digital driver’s display now come standard a commendable move. They’ve also done away with the somewhat peculiar touchpad in favor of touchscreen controls, simplifying the user experience.

2021 mercedes-benz a-class

Although the recessed space beneath the controls may leave you wondering about its purpose, it’s a minor quirk in an otherwise well-designed cabin. The steering wheel, while visually appealing, has touch-sensitive buttons that can be a tad frustrating in practice. The overall cabin design has aged gracefully, though some materials and build quality could be improved.

Spacious and Comfortable

The Mercedes Benz A-Class offers ample storage options, including a glovebox, large door bins, and additional compartments for your convenience. The driving position is highly adjustable, ensuring comfort for various driver preferences.

mercedes-benz a-class

Rear Seat and Practicality

Moving to the rear seats, Mercedes has made minor changes, including removing a drawer and adding a USB charging port. The space remains comfortable, with decent knee room, although headroom is not as generous as in a Volkswagen Golf. The central rear seat is a bit narrow, but the footwells are spacious. The rear windows are a noteworthy feature, offering full downward visibility. However, it’s worth noting that fitting a baby seat may require some maneuvering due to limited rear door opening.

mercedes-benz a-class

Boot Capacity

The A-Class’s boot space, at 350 liters, is slightly smaller than some competitors like the Audi A3, which offers 380 liters. Additionally, you can’t adjust the floor height, making it slightly less practical when loading heavy items. Nevertheless, there are tie-down points, and the rear seats split three ways for added flexibility.

mercedes-benz a-class

Engine Lineup

The 2024 Mercedes Benz A-Class offers a straightforward engine lineup, including two 1.3-liter turbo petrol options and a 2.0-liter diesel variant. All models are front-wheel drive and come with automatic transmissions. There are also high-performance AMG versions for those seeking more power.

mercedes-benz a-class

Driving Experience

In town, the A-Class excels with easy maneuverability, good visibility, and responsive steering. The automatic gearbox ensures smooth gear changes, and the brakes are progressive. On the motorway, the car maintains stability, though there is a slight increase in wind noise at higher speeds. On country roads, the A-Class handles well, with accurate steering and minimal body roll. However, its non-independent rear suspension can lead to slight instability when encountering bumps mid-corner.

0-60mph Acceleration

Mercedes claims that the 177-horsepower A-Class can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 8.3 seconds.

Five Annoying Things

Despite its many merits, the A-Class has some drawbacks. These include non-independent rear suspension in most models, reflective air vent surrounds, limited underfloor storage, no front passenger grab handle, and the necessity of opting for the top trim to get adaptive cruise control.

Five Good Things

Conversely, there are numerous positive aspects to consider. The hidden reversing camera that remains clean is a clever feature. The augmented reality satellite navigation, gear selector lever on the steering column, rear seat belt runners, and car wash mode all contribute to a more enjoyable driving experience.

Mercedes A-Class Pricing

The Mercedes A-Class prices start at £32,000, which may seem a bit steep compared to some competitors. For instance, the BMW 1 Series starts at just over £28,000.


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