To kick start Honda’s Electric vehicle future Honda has collaborated with general motors to build the 2024 Honda Prologue. It is an electric SUV that has a lot in common with the Chevrolet Blazer EV. The two mid-size electric SUVs are said to have similar underpinnings, drive-trains, and battery packs. However, both have distinctive exterior and interior styling, with the Honda prologue having a more streamlined appearance than the Blazer.

The new Honda prologue SUV will serve as a mid-size SUV in the lineup alongside the Passport, but the company anticipates that in 2024, sales of the CR-V Hybrid will start to decline. In an effort to facilitate this, the Japanese automaker will provide ZEV states with shorter-term lease options for the new CR-V, enabling customers to switch to the Prologue with ease.

Honda prologue Exterior

On the Exterior, The Prologue looks sleek and contemporary and should blend in nicely with the rest of Honda’s SUV model lineups. It is finished in a new colour dubbed North Shore Pearl. Also, It is bigger than the small CR-V and around the same size as the two-row, midsize Honda Passport. Its similarities to the Blazer are only apparent in terms of proportions, as the Honda seems to have the same long wheelbase, short rear overhang, and a similar window line as the Blazer.

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  • honda prologue

In terms of dimensions, The 2023 Honda Prologue EV measures 192 inches (4,877 mm) in length, 78.3 inches (1,989 mm) in width, and 64.7 inches in height (1,643 mm). With a wheelbase of 121.8 inches (3094 mm), the electric SUV is around the same length as the full-size BMW X7 SUV while being about 8 inches (203 mm) longer and 5 inches (127 mm) wider than the 2023 Honda CR-V.

Honda prologue Interior

Stepping inside, The honda prologue interior features an 11.3-inch touchscreen for the main entertainment system and an 11.0-inch digital instrument cluster. Rather than touch-sensitive controls, physical HVAC buttons and knobs underneath the screen are also available. Some parts, such as the start button and door handles, look familiar to readers familiar with the GM portfolio, but that shouldn’t be surprising considering the two manufacturers’ ongoing collaboration.

Engine, power and Transmission

Under the hood, The Prologue is said to feature the same power train as the Blazer EV. The Blazer comes in different styles, which include front, rear, and all-wheel-drive models. Back to the prologue, it will be available with all-wheel drive, which means that some type of dual-motor arrangement will be available, but that is all Honda has said so far.

A single-motor, front-wheel drive configuration will likely be standard on the Prologue, with a two-motor power-train being an option. Based on Blazer’s predictions, the range values should be between 250 and 320 miles.

2023 prologue pricing

In terms of pricing, honda hasn’t yet revealed any details about the Honda Prologue price. However, the prologue will go on sale in 2024


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