2024 BMW X7: Design, Interior, Performance

The BMW X7 has undergone a significant transformation, much like a dramatic makeover. In this article, we’ll delve into the substantial changes BMW has made to this luxury SUV. We’ll explore the redesigned exterior, and the revamped interior, and evaluate its performance, particularly in the 2023 BMW X7 m60i version. This comprehensive review will leave you with a clear understanding of the BMW X7’s evolution.

Redefining Design

bmw x7 2023

Bold Exterior Modifications

BMW’s commitment to change is evident from the exterior. The tail lights have been given a fresh, shapely design, accompanied by a redesigned bumper. The M60i version takes it a step further with an aggressive rear bumper and quad tailpipes. The alloy wheels start at 21 inches, going up to a whopping 23 inches. The M60 model boasts M door mirrors, M badging, and impressive air breathers (though they are non-functional). The most striking change is at the front, with split headlights and more aggressive bumpers. The X7’s starting price is £85,000, but the M60 version, as reviewed, reaches £115,000.

bmw x7 2023

Redefined BMW X7 interior

Enhanced Comfort and Technology

Inside the X7, you’ll find a reworked center console with a smaller gear selector and standard crystal accents. The infotainment screen has transformed into one curved display, akin to the I4 and The IX. While some may prefer the Mercedes GLS’s infotainment system, BMW has made notable improvements.

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The air vents feature directional controls that may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, there’s a logo on the dash, prominently featuring the M60. This version also includes an M sport steering wheel with the M logo and M stitching, making the interior feel truly luxurious. Leather is standard, and the optional carbon fiber trim adds a touch of elegance. The X7 offers ample storage space, including a roomy glove box and heated/cooled cup holders.

Luxurious Rear Seating

Spacious and Comfortable

The middle row of the X7 offers ample headroom and knee room, with seats that can be adjusted to create even more space. Three adults can comfortably sit across the center row, thanks to the X7’s width and wide rear doors. Installing rear-facing baby seats is a breeze, with accessible Isofix anchor points. Other features include airplane-style seatback pockets, USB ports, and large door bins. The M60 version even includes an Alcantara headlining and M logos on seatbelts.

bmw x7 2023 interior

A Vast and Versatile Boot

One of the X7’s standout features is its split-folding tailgate, providing a seating area in the rear. With all seven seats in place, it offers 326 liters of cargo space, thanks in part to the underfloor storage. Folding the rear seats expands this to 750 liters, and with the rear-most row down, it turns into a spacious cargo van. The X7’s practicality extends even to its electronic seat operation and rear-wheel steering.

2024 bmw x7

An In-Depth Evaluation: Pros and Cons

Five Annoying Things

While the X7 boasts numerous positive attributes, there are some notable drawbacks to consider:

  1. Crumbs Trap: The extendable seat bases, while providing under-thigh support, can trap crumbs.
  2. Camera Wash: The lack of a dedicated camera washer system results in a dirty rear-view camera in adverse weather.
  3. Lack of Soft Lining: The absence of soft lining in the door pockets can cause rattling while driving.
  4. Over-Reliance on Touchscreen: Almost everything is controlled through the touchscreen, making simple tasks less intuitive.
  5. Complex Traction Control: Turning off traction control now involves a multi-step process, which can be cumbersome while driving.

Five Cool Things

On the flip side, the BMW X7 boasts several impressive features:

  1. Manual Gear Control: The X7 won’t automatically shift to a higher gear when you reach the redline in manual mode, providing more control.
  2. Android Auto Integration: The infotainment system supports Android Auto widescreen and can display Google Maps on the digital driver’s display.
  3. Adjustable Air Suspension: The air suspension can be lowered to aid loading and unloading, a practical feature.
  4. Ambient Lighting: The sunroof’s ambient lighting adds to the cabin’s ambiance and can change colors.
  5. Enhanced Chassis: The M60i version features a retuned air suspension, active anti-roll bars, rear-wheel steering, and more, enhancing the driving experience.

Engine Options

The X7 offers a straightforward engine lineup, including a three-liter straight-six turbo diesel, a three-liter straight-six turbo petrol, and the powerful 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. The V8, in particular, is a marvel, producing 530 horsepower.

On the Road: Performance and Handling

Town Driving

In urban settings, the X7 shines with its elevated driving position, though its size can be a challenge in tight spots. The engine and gearbox combination makes urban driving smooth and effortless. The rear-wheel steering contributes to a manageable turning circle.

Dual Carriageway Driving

On dual carriageways, the X7 offers a comfortable and refined driving experience. The suspension handles bumps exceptionally well, and road noise is minimal. The air suspension’s adjustability allows for a comfortable ride.

Country Road Driving

Out on winding roads, the X7 impresses with its handling. Active anti-roll bars keep the vehicle remarkably flat, even in spirited driving. The steering, while lacking some feel, remains precise. The M60i version is particularly enjoyable, providing a balance of power and agility.

0-60mph Acceleration

The BMW X7 M60 reaches 60 mph in a mere 3.91 seconds, significantly quicker than BMW’s claim of 4.7 seconds, making it a potent performer.

2024 BMW X7 Price

Starting at $77,850: BMW X7 xDrive40i

At the heart of the X7 lineup is the base xDrive40i model, which boasts an impressive starting price of $77,850. This entry point provides you with all the elegance, comfort, and performance that the BMW X7 is known for. It’s a compelling option for those seeking luxury without compromise.

Pinnacle of Performance: BMW X7 M60i at $103,100

For those who demand nothing but the best, the BMW X7 M60i is the answer. Priced at $103,100, this V8-powered beast takes the X7’s performance to a whole new level. It’s not just an SUV; it’s a statement of power and opulence on four wheels.


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