The fresh makeover Volkswagen Teramount X is a highly modified version of the Atlas cross sport developed by SIAC exclusively for the Chinese market, which was unveiled by Volkswagen in China. The Teramount X, first presented in 2019, is one of many SUVs supplied by the German business in China and is a sportier variant of the normal Teramount. When the latter was facelifted in 2021, we anticipated that the same visual improvements would be carried over to the Teramount X, which had gotten minor trim updates at the time.

  • Volkswagen Teramont X
  • Volkswagen Teramont X
  • Volkswagen Teramont X
  • Volkswagen Teramont X

Despite the fact that the SUV’s profile is virtually unchanged and identical to the Volkswagen Atlas cross sport from North America, the Chinese model sticks out more because of the cosmetic improvements at the front, which are pretty significant.

Matrix-led graphics in the split units on either side of the headlights are based on the modules found in computer chips. This implies that the duplicate tool is used by VW designers when making them. A single light strip has also been added to The Grille’s interior in the middle.

The new Volkswagen Teramount X is differentiated at the rear by a new glossy black panel that combines full-width taillights with contemporary LED graphics. The Teramount X inscription is in the centre, together with the illuminated VW symbol. Four exhaust pipes are added to the stylish rear bumper’s glossy black finish, which is located beneath the large reflector lights.

The SUV’s dimensions are 4917 millimetres (or 193.6 inches) long, 1989 millimetres (or 78.3 inches) wide, 1729 millimetres (or 68.1 inches) tall, and 2980 millimetres (or 117.3 inches) in wheelbase, has not changed as a result of the styling alterations.

The 530 V6 Flagship is powered by a 2.5-litre VR6 gasoline engine that generates 295 horsepower. This engine sends power to all four wheels via a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, hence the four motion insignia at the back. The Teramont X will also be offered with the less powerful 2.0 TSI four-cylinder engine, which will have a maximum output of 183 horsepower (137 kW/186 PS) in the base 330 TSI trim or 217 hp (162 kW/ 220 PS) in the 380 TSI trim.


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