The successor of Subaru’s XV SUV has been unveiled, and it features a sportier exterior and a more advanced interior. As it has been known for years in some regions, it is known as the Subaru Crosstrek. Japan will be the first country to sell the SUV. Subaru has only revealed an AWD hybrid Crosstrek for the domestic market; the rest of the drivetrain lineup is still unknown

Subaru crosstrek Dimensions

The new car is physically smaller than the current XV at 4480mm (-5mm) length, 1800mm (unchanged) width, and 1580mm (-35mm) tall with a 2670mm (+5mm) wheelbase; however, the longer wheelbase could help free up more internal space.

The vehicle’s underpinnings are a variation of the Subaru Global Platform, which also supports the most recent Levorg and WRX models. The firm claims the revised vehicle would enable a smoother ride by being more robust than the outgoing XV and should provide greater noise and vibration reduction than the latter.

  • 2023 subaru crosstrek
  • 2023 subaru crosstrek
  • 2023 subaru crosstrek

2023 subaru crosstrek Exterior

On the Exterior, The most significant modifications are seen up front, where the sharper, thinner headlights and bigger front grille produce a more unique appearance. Additionally, according to Subaru, the amount of black plastic wrapping surrounding the wheel wells has grown.

2023 subaru crosstrek interior

Stepping inside, the Levorg and WRX interiors are very similar to this one. The dashboard of the newly remodeled Subaru features an 11.6-inch infotainment system that is vertically organized, similar to many other Subaru models. The seats are new as well. Subaru argues that even if the appearance is less substantial, the inside “remains exactly as large as in earlier versions” and has “plenty of load-carrying room.” Although the rear seats’ ability to fold 60:40 has been established, their capacity for holding luggage has not.

Engine, power, and Transmission

The engine seems to be a modified version of the brand’s 2.0-liter e-Boxer powertrain, which couples a gasoline engine with 110kW and 196Nm of torque with an electric motor with 12.3kW and 66Nm of torque, all connected by a lithium-ion battery. The only available transmission is a continuously variable automatic, and all-wheel drive will come standard.

2023 subaru crosstrek

Safety and driver assistance features

Improvements to the camera system also benefit the EyeSight driver assistance technology. A more advanced version of the adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-change assistance technologies seen on the current Subaru lineup will be available on the Crosstrek.

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