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2023 Nissan X-Trail: Performance, Design, and Practicality

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The Nissan X-Trail has made its mark as a versatile and family-friendly SUV. But what truly lies beneath the surface of this vehicle? In this detailed review, we embark on a journey to explore every facet of the Nissan X-Trail, from its striking design to its practical interior, and from its notable features to its performance on the road.

nissan xtrail interior


The design of the Nissan X-Trail is reminiscent of its original model, featuring a chunky and robust appearance. The higher-spec models boast a shiny trim, while lower-spec versions come with a black bumper at the rear. With options ranging from 18-inch to 20-inch wheels, and even a two-tone roof for mid-spec models, the X-Trail offers a variety of customizable design elements. The front fascia showcases an inverted light design, with daytime running lights on top and main headlights below, giving the car a smart and distinctive look.

nissan xtrail interior


Inside the Nissan X-Trail, you’ll find a well-designed and comfortable cabin. The top-tier Techna trim level offers a leatherette dash and seats, along with a spacious infotainment screen. It’s worth noting that the base model lacks a touchscreen, featuring a basic radio and analog dials instead. For larger screens, you’ll need to opt for mid-level or higher trims, where you’ll also find clear graphics and responsive digital dials. Overall, the interior quality is commendable, with a sturdy build and intuitive climate control buttons. Both the steering wheel and seat offer ample adjustability, ensuring a comfortable driving position for individuals of all sizes.

nissan xtrail


The Nissan X-Trail offers three power options: a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, a hybrid variant, and a hybrid with all-wheel drive. The base model features a front-wheel-drive setup, while the hybrid versions use the petrol engine to charge a battery, which, in turn, powers an electric motor. On the road, the X-Trail delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience. It’s worth noting that the petrol engine remains relatively quiet, even under acceleration or while cruising. The car’s acceleration is respectable, and it handles well, although it’s not designed for spirited driving.


The Nissan X-Trail boasts practicality with its spacious interior. Rear passengers will enjoy ample knee and headroom, and there’s even room to slide feet under the front seats. However, the rear middle seat is relatively flat and comfortable for shorter journeys, making it ideal for children. While there’s plenty of legroom, the car’s width may make passengers in the outer seats feel slightly squeezed against the door. Nevertheless, the ease of fitting child seats, accessible ISOFIX anchor points, and convenient storage options, including USB ports and a charging pad, make the X-Trail a family-friendly choice.

Boot Space

In seven-seat mode, the X-Trail offers 177 liters of boot space, enough for small luggage items. However, folding down the third-row seats significantly increases the cargo capacity, providing a more usable 485 liters. For the five-seat variant, the boot space expands to a generous 575 liters. It’s worth noting that the seven-seat version lacks storage space underneath the boot floor due to tire repair equipment, which may affect some buyers’ preferences.

nissan xtrail interior

5 Annoying Things

While the Nissan X-Trail has its strengths, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The cup holders are overly large, causing items to rattle inside. Additionally, the placement of the boot release catch is somewhat awkward. The reversing camera lacks a self-cleaning function, and the wireless Apple CarPlay is exclusive to Android phones, requiring a wired connection for Apple users. Lastly, the two-wheel drive version of the X-Trail e-power does not offer seven seats, limiting buyer choices.

5 Cool Things

Despite some annoyances, the Nissan X-Trail offers several appealing features. The heads-up display provides essential information without obstructing the driver’s view. The rear doors open to an impressive 85-degree angle, facilitating easy access and child seat installation. The car includes dedicated driving modes, including a snow mode for slippery conditions and hill descent control for off-roading. The built-in Amazon Alexa allows for seamless integration with home devices, enhancing convenience. Finally, built-in blinds in the rear doors provide shade when needed.

Nissan X-Trail price

The latest Nissan X-Trail lineup offers a selection of both petrol and hybrid e-Power models, with pricing spanning from $37,250 to $57,690, excluding on-road costs.


In conclusion, the Nissan X-Trail offers a comfortable and practical driving experience with appealing features. However, its hybrid models may not deliver the expected fuel efficiency. While it may not be the top choice for performance enthusiasts, the X-Trail shines in terms of family-friendliness and versatility. Consider the Nissan X-Trail if you prioritize comfort, convenience, and practicality in your daily drives.

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