The Honda CR-V has been around for 25 years and has undergone 5 generations. Over the years, the CRV has grown both in size and become more sophisticated. A new  2023 Honda CR-V is about to arrive later in the year which is the six-generation as honda is coming to end its generation. We already have an idea of how this new honda compact SUV looks. Thanks to the images leaked online back in February. However, the Chinese ministry of industry and information technology has released real images of the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V. It appears to have a new refreshed design that resembles the images leaked earlier. But will the new CRV beat its rivals, the  Toyota  RAV 4, and Mazda CX-5 in the market?.

  • 2023 honda cr v
  • 2023 honda cr v
  • 2023 honda cr v
  • 2023 honda cr v

Exterior design

From the images, key updates are notable for the new generation CR-V  they also show the whole 2023 honda CR-V redesign looks larger in terms of body styling. The exterior also features redesigned front and rear bumpers, taillights and two different rearview mirror options with a lane watch. A panoramic camera and parking sensors are also shown in the leaked images. Two different wheel designs are also available in the images

2023 honda CR-V Dimensions

According to motor1, the new Honda CR-V is listed at 185.1 and 73.4 inches long and wide respectively and also weighs 3714 pounds. This is 3 inches longer and 0.4 inches wider compared to the current CRV AWD US models which weigh 3455 pounds. Also, without AWD, two models were listed with a five-seat and seven-seat configuration

2023 honda CR-V Interior

Unfortunately, no interior images for the 2023 honda CR-V were shown on the Chinese website. But with a little hint from the U.S CRV models, it’s likely to feature interior updates same as the ones in the Honda civic. As listed on the website, the honda CR-V features third-row seating too.

Engine, power and transmission.

The current Honda CR-V is available with a choice of engine options. However, according to the Chinese government site, the new CR-V will be powered by an updated version of the existing 1.5 litres inline 4 turbocharged petrol engine. This engine is expected to deliver around 142kw of power which is 2kw more than the power delivered by the current engine. It is also paired with a continuously variable transmission system and is available in both two and all-wheel drives. A hybrid or a plugin hybrid model version is also expected.


The 2023 Honda CRV price has not yet been revealed. We are guessing its pricing won’t step far away from its current pricing that starts from $27000 to $38000


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