Yes, you read that right, its a surprise to all car enthusiasts who love the Nissan GTR. According to reports, the 2022 Nissan GTR 35 limited edition is coming in 2021 which is the final edition R35 to pave the way to the next line-up, the R36 which is expected to debut in 2022.

As reported, only 20 units will be produced, but shockingly each will have a high price tag of around. Despite having a high price tag, how good is this final limited edition of the R35?.

Under the hood, each of these models of the Nissan GTR r35 final models is a hand-built 3.8 litre v6 turbo petrol engine. The v6 is said to power out a stunning 530KW. That’s really impressive right?. the v6 engine will be based on the GTR GT3 race car that featured in the GTR-50 by italdesign. This also marked the 50th anniversary of its nameplate.

Through the GTR 50 by italdesign, the GTR’S got upgrades with competitor specs such as turbochargers, larger intercoolers, high flow piston oil jets, revised camshafts profiles, high flow fuel injectors, optimized ignition and new intake and exhaust systems.

What’s exciting about these upgrades is they made 530KW plus an additional 89KW and 780NM torque plus 128NM which we expect to see in the final 2022 Nissan GTR. More exciting from the reports, Nissan is considering electrifying the Nissan GTR r35 by including a kinetic energy recovery system.

Are you a Nissan GTR fan?. We all can’t wait to see these final models of the R35 limited edition. What do you think about this don’t forget to share your thoughts on this. Remember sharing is caring.

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