Honda Cars Philippines has set an official debut date for the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V in a competitive market category. The 2022 model will be the most recent subcompact crossover competitor. It’s made to provide drivers with a close-up sensation of a sedan’s comfort while also instilling ruggedness and confidence. With a moniker that signifies a high rider vehicle, it’s an all-around vehicle for customers searching for a car with exceptional road visibility, high ground clearance, and full safety equipment. It also has a big tailgate, ample cargo capacity, and the same utilitarian long and tall ult seats as the Jazz, which makes loading and unloading stuff outdoors a breeze.

2022 Honda HR-V Exterior

The new HR-V has coupe-like aero cabin cues and an SUV-like lower body developed under Honda’s dynamic cross-solid concept. It also has a solid wing face design upfront with a unified grille and lights that include LED daytime running lights or DRL and lead dual projector headlights. Not only that, Honda has given the HR-V the eyes treatment. This means the top of the line variant has piano black accents throughout and two-tone wheels to complete the look. To add a little flare, the top of the line variants will also get is badging, a chrome grille and monotone wheels will be standard on all models. Sporty 17-inch alloy wheels are also standard on all models. the integrated door handles on the c-pillar are still present on the sides giving the HR-V a coupe-like appearance. The taillight housing which is similar in shape to the pre-facelift models is also updated for the new model year with lead bars populating it.


The 2022 Honda HR-V measures four thousand three hundred and thirty-five millimetres long one thousand seven hundred and ninety millimetres wide one thousand five hundred and ninety millimetres tall and rides a two thousand six hundred and ten millimetres wheelbase with 195 millimetres of ground clearance

2022 Honda HR-V Interior

Stepping inside, the new HR-V has a more ergonomic cabin with carefully chosen materials. the HR-V’s interior is clad in leather in the top-spec eyes trim while more affordable models will have cloth upholstery. The HR-V gauge cluster is semi-digital with LED backlighting and accents on all sides. Also available is a floating touchscreen infotainment display presumably with apple car play and android auto gracing the horizontally designed dashboard.  The centre console connects to the centre tunnel which has several storage cabins. a new air conditioning system with an air diffusion feature is also available for the HR-V. it seats up to five people and has a cargo capacity of 431 litres and 165 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

Engine, power and Transmission

The 2022 Honda HR-V is powered by a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine. This engine produces 89 kilowatts of power at 6600 rpm and 145-newton meters at 4300 RPM. it’s mated with a continuously variable transmission. The hr-v EHEV uses a 1.5-litre four-cylinder hybrid power train with a total output of 96 kilowatts and 253-newton meters.  It is mated to an E-CVT. On fuel economy and consumption,  the 2022 honda HR-V takes 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres and 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres in the hybrid E-HEV.

Honda HR-V price

The outgoing HR-V is available in four trim levels. To get one, the pricing starts from thirty-one thousand three hundred dollars to forty-one thousand dollars


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