The ford ranger is a midsize pickup truck available in three model trims. The XL, XLT and the Lariant. Its also known for its bold and aggressive looks and it stands out from the others right from the front grille featuring a blue badge to the steel bumpers and well-mounted steel frames. In the battle of pickup trucks, the ford ranger beats its rivals such as the Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu d-max. Did you know in 2020, the ford ranger sold more than the best selling Toyota Hilux in the 4 by 4 category?. in 2022, ford brings a new updated 2022 ford ranger, let’s see some of the new features that make it stand out.

2022 ford ranger engine

According to the reports, the all-new ford ranger will be powered by a series of engines. These engine options include a new four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine delivering 130kW and 420Nm  of torque and a twin-turbo diesel engine with an output of 157kW and 500Nm. It is also said that a new pair of v6 engines with the base model producing 230kW and 540Nm will also be available for the ford ranger. All engines will be mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission system which comes as standard.

2022 ford ranger exterior

the new 2022 ford ranger exterior is said to feature an orange and black side detailing and  18-inch wheels available in matte black. A  gloss-black accents on the grille, bumpers, mirror caps, and fenders plus orange grille nostrils.

2022 ford ranger interior

For 2022, stepping inside the ford ranger all you get is luxurious seats with an orange contrast stitching. The seats also have some carbon elements with tuxedo stripes. not only that, but the orange stitching Is also on the steering wheel, shifter and parking brake boot. Limited to the lariant, the orange stitching is also on both front and rear armrests and also the dashboard top.

How much does the New ford ranger cost?

Ford is yet to reveal the price of each ford ranger model trim. but despite that, we expect the new performance midsize pick-up truck to sell from $26,000 for the base models with a two-wheel drive system

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