Of course, it’s not the first time to see or hear about tesla cars models. They are known for the features they have starting from driver assistance features, luxury and also high technology. But, the 2021 Mercedes-benz s-class is said to offer more and way better features in luxury and tech compared to tesla.

Everything luxurious in the s class starts with the doors in the door handles. When approaching the doors with a smart key they can easily detect you. The well-fitted door handles help in reducing the drag coefficient when it comes to low levels.

Inside the s class, straight on the dashboard is a well fitted 12.1-inch touch screen. The digital touchscreen has actually replaced a lot of the manual dash controls. It also features a unique 3D display that delivers a sense of depth. Most amazing in the Mercedes Benz s class the driver profiles can be switched using a fingerprint sensor. Luxury in the rest of the cabin is unquestionable too. Inside colourful lighting is available thanks to the colour configurable LED lighting system

However, the Mercedes automaker is on its way to make fully autonomous vehicles soon just like tesla. In the meantime, the 2021 Mercede-Benz s-class features automakers drive pilot smart cruise control. It isn’t available for customers test drives yet. A couple of car and driver reviewers were allowed to sit in the passenger seat of this Mercedes level 3 automated vehicle demonstrator on a test track. From what we saw, this system is able to follow lanes and also regulate the right distances. On the well-fitted dashboard touchscreen, the roads and everything is seeing is displayed.

From the reviewers, we were able to learn that the driver pilot was successful but not satisfying like Tesla. The car stopped in traffic but not able to regulate the speed according to the speed limits.

The 2021 Mercedes- Benz s-class is said to be offered in two versions the s500 and s580. The s580 is said to be more powerful where it features a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine powering 496 hp. Under the s500’s hood a turbocharged 3.0 litre I6 engine that delivers 429 horses. Both are said to deliver the same when it comes to performance but the test drivers confirmed the s580 offer quiet rides even at high speed.

Looking for an super luxurious tesla? the 2021 Mercedes-benz s-class is the car for you.

  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-class
  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-class

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