learning to drive a manual car makes you a better driver

Yes, learning how to drive a stick shift makes you a better driver. In the day-to-day, the stick shift is becoming an endangered species in the automotive world.

If you would agree with me, a lot of drivers cannot get to their destinations while using a manual car. Drivers in this 21st century don’t know how it feels to navigate through the H- gate.

But don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that using the stick shift is the best and purest form of driving. But I really feel like is safe and awesome for every driver to understand more about the gears that make your wheels roll.

Shockingly, these days you will find many drivers don’t know much apart from sitting in the cockpit of their cars and moving the lever from parking to drive mode. Is that true?.

But If you were learning how to drive today would you prefer to be taught how to be a pilot of the mechanical masterpiece or the autopilot passenger?.

Every car enthusiast who loves manual transmission cars would admit playing around with these gears is really fun. The other thing you need to get right is that having gears to play with means a lot of concentration on the road. It also feels good how one hand is connected to the gearshift, one foot on the clutch, and the other one to the other two pedals.

Playing with these instruments in the cockpit makes you have no time to text, adjust your make up or even doze off on the road while driving.

This is one thing that also helps in reducing accidents on our roads. All these accidents are sometimes caused by these autopilot passengers while adjusting their makeup or even texting.

What do you think about using a stick shift? If you like our articles don’t forget sharing is caring.


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