Hearing about Brabus the next thing that comes to your mind is the Mercedes Benz brand. The main thing that this company does is customizing car models making them more beautiful and smarter. In this case, the Mercedes EQC SUV Brabus has improved both the power and the performance of this Mercedes Benz electric SUV giving it more figures when it comes to horsepower and torque.

To be more precise, this power boost is from the Brabus E-powertrain kit that gave the mercedes eqc a rise from 402 hp to 416 horses while giving a rise in the torque figure from 730 nm to 830 NM where the extra power is only available when the electric SUV is on sport mode.

The power and torque boost makes the car sprint to 100km/hr. in only 4.9 seconds which is formally it would do it in 5.1 second. This feels like a major improvement right?.

Surprisingly, Brabus is not only focusing on the one side of power and torque but its also changing the looks of the Mercedes eqc SUV adding :

  • new set of bumbers
  • awesome side skirts
  • a cool wrap

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