But does this confirm when the next episode will be?


What’s up my fellow grand tour fans, I know we can’t really wait for the next season of the grand tour which for the fact is one of the best shows in the automotive industry.

But does this statement in the grand tour tweets confirm when will be the next episode?.

A lot of rumors been circulating about when the next season of the grand tour is coming, which I don’t believe their speculations any more. Which they were stating that we can expect the next episode in mid next year but from the tweet in the grand tour twitter account they stated that we can expect the next episode later this year.

From the tweet:

Yes, the next special will land later this year,

yes, it’s filmed in Madagascar and

Yes there will be cars

Yes we wanted to go to Russia

No, we couldn’t (we all know why)

Yes we will try again

No, we don’t know when

Yes, we will keep you updated.

From this what do you think? It feels like the show is coming to our screens soon. But for the fact, there are no clear speculations on the exact date of when it’s going to air. But at least we know its later this year.

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