2020 Land Rover Defender Truck: the pick up we want?

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The 2020 land rover defender has been the talk of the town, despite the global health crisis. The coronavirus has affected the production of cars by many automakers. However, we’ve seen the land rover defender 90 a three-door SUV and the defender 120 which is a five-door. What we’ve not seen is a land rover a dual cab with a bed.

A while back, land rover confirmed that they might consider building a dual-cab pickup truck. But the reports state there have been some delays. Which we think it’s all because of the pandemic hoping it’s going to come soon.

  • 2020 land rover defender
  • 2020 land rover defender

Have you ever imagined how the new 2020 land rover defender would look like as a pickup truck?. Here is a rendering right from the digital label J.B. cars. It’s an image of how the 2020 land rover defender would look like with a truck bed. Yes, in fact, it really looks perfect. It’s based on the defender 110 having the rear section open.

In this imagination, the bed looks small. However, we would expect the future model to feature a respectable rear overhang. Additionally, there is a plan to bring in land rover defender 130 which we hope it will have a large rear end. The 130 is set to maintain the same wheelbase as the new 2020 land rover defender 110 which is already in the market. It is also set to measure 5.1 meters long while the 110 measures 4.8 meters in terms of length.

Let’s forget on the styling, decade after decade the land rover has proved to be a good off-roader. That’s a thing we wouldn’t even question about this pick up if it would become a reality. Under the hood, the defender has a choice of a four and a six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. Additionally, they should also be joined by a plugin hybrid version and a v8 engine.


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